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Season 1986



  • S1986E117 New Sounds XVI + Film and Video Gallery

    • January 17, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    English imports arrive on Night Flight's New Sounds. Videos include Blancmange's Zbigniew RybczyƄski directed video for "Lose Your Love," Kate Bush classic "Cloudbusting," Paul Hardcastle and Big Audio Dynamite.
  • S1986E215 Divine Video Profile

    • February 15, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Various segments including Night Flight's "Divine Video Profile".
  • S1986E301 Video Profile: Devo + New Metal

    • March 1, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Welcome back! It's time to climb into the video vault for Devo, and follow the band's career through their experimental clips. Night Flight looks at the hottest metal in 1986 with new Twisted Sister, Black 'n Blue, Autograph, Kiss and more metal masters. Includes the following content: Devo profile: Satisfaction Whip It Love Without Anger That's Good Beautiful World Peek-A-Boo Worried Man Time Out For Fun "Weird" Al Yankovic - Dare to Be Stupid New Metal: Twisted Sister - Leader of the Pack Black 'n Blue - Miss Mystery Dokken - The Hunter Aerosmith - Let the Music Do the Talking Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home Autograph - Blondes in Black Cars KISS - Uh! All Night
  • S1986E321 Take Off to Academy Awards

    • March 21, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Night Flight's "Take Off" special featuring video profiles on the 1986 Academy Awards acting and music nominees.
  • S1986E328 Academy Award Music + New Film Releases

    • March 28, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Night Flight’s tribute to the 1986 Oscars which explores nominees for Best Original Song. For that year, nominees included Quincy Jones for The Color Purple, "Surprise Surprise" by Greg Burg, Huey Lewis and The News #1 hit from Back To The Future “The Power of Love,” all of which are covered within. An interview with director Taylor Hackford about White Nights, which is one of the few films in Oscar history to receive two nominations for best song ("Say You, Say Me" by Lionel Richie was the eventual winner). Then Night Flight looks ahead to some of the upcoming films from 1986 in the genre that Pat Prescott lovingly refers to as The Sensitive Years. It’s a Who's Who of '80s child actors with looks at Crossroads, Pretty in Pink, Smooth Talk, and Lucas, which offers the bonus clip of an exclusive interview with none other than Corey Haim.
  • S1986E404 At the Movies: Horror Films + New Sounds 21

    • April 4, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    It started in 1960 with Psycho, and ever since movie fans' appetite for blood and gore has grown by leaps and bounds. Today's movie slice, dice and spew geysers of blood. Featuring interviews with Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Rusler, and House's William Katt with previews of Terrorvision, Critters, Nomads and more. On the B side of this episode is a classic cut of New Sounds featuring music videos from Violent Femmes, Golden Palominos, and Public Image Ltd.
  • S1986E425 Video Vault: Devo + New Age Videos 1

    • April 25, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Only Night Flight could find a way to program classic Devo cuts with soothing mystical New Age. Relive that original programming style tonight by climbing into Night Flight's video vault for a Devo retrospective featuring some of the best Devo videos using the pioneering experimental video techniques they did so well. For part 2, sit back and relax as we explore angelic hymns and soothing visuals from Kitaro, Jean Luc Ponty and Private Music. Revisit the much lampooned genre as it was earnestly presented, Night Flight style.
  • S1986E507 Take Off to New American Music

    • May 7, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    From Boston to LA, New York to DC, a musical explosion is taking place in Rock and Roll. Traditionally, success for bands came from touring, but today, the video explosion has given local bands national exposure sparking a renaissance in music and reinforcing the original roots of Rock 'n roll. Featuring 'Til Tuesday, Run DMC, REM and more...
  • S1986E607 Discoveries + New Sounds

    • June 7, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    This newly added special segment from our 5th year anniversary goes deep. Featuring hilarious two-bit animation from Stop's "Wake Up," Columbia University grads The Special Guest's cubist anthem "Paul Cezanne," the sample-based ratings controversy inspired "Explicit Lyrics," by Blackwell Project, and a reverb drenched vocal take on techno-pop from act Growing Up Different.
  • S1986E614 Most Requested Videos

    • June 14, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    "Tonight we bring you your favorites!" "Over the last couple months you've written in to tell us what you want to see most," Pat Prescott says, explaining the viewer-requested curation behind this classic episode of Night Flight. Unsurprisingly, it turns out Night Flight viewers had great taste. Among the top requested artists are Kate Bush, Prince, Culture Club, The Thompson Twins, and Duran Duran. Check out this exceptional episode of that turns the attention back on the fans and viewers, who in 1986 were the ones making the Night Flight dream a reality.
  • S1986E628 Video Profile: Simple Minds + Video Vault: The Pretenders

    • June 28, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    This video profile on Simple Minds features backstory on the Scottish act and multiple videos throughout the bands career arc. Night Flight mines the video vault for select cuts from the Pretenders.
  • S1986E802 Comedy Cuts V + Sci-Fi Films Preview

    • August 2, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Night Flight's Friday Evening Comedy Cuts, with an added bonus of summer blockbuster previews of the Science Fiction variety. Watch Pat Prescott discuss the hot films of the time including Aliens, Maximum Overdrive and more...
  • S1986E815 Video Profile: Dire Straits

    • August 15, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Welcome back to Night Flight, in 1977 four London based musicians scraped together $180 to make a demo tape of their songs which prompted a friend to call their band "Dire Straits." Ten years later, with more than ten million albums sold Dire Straits stood at the forefront of the mid-80s music scene. Here's Night Flight's Video Profile.
  • S1986E918 Talking Heads Video Profile

    • September 18, 2019
    • 240 minutes
  • S1986E919 Viewer's Choice V + Video Vault XV: Britain's Ska Movement

    • September 19, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Welcome back to Viewer’s Choice, where you get the videos you asked for. “We’ve got some wild requests tonight...” Pat Prescott proclaims as she lists of: Zappa, The Cure, Falco (“Jeanny!!!”), Whistle, Ultravox, Shriekback and Phil Collins. Another snapshot of pop music in the '80s from the perspective of the fans, preserved forever in an episode of Night Flight. “Ska is a pre-reggae Jamaican dance rythym first popular in the 60s…” Pat Prescott explains, while introducing this very special Video Vault. Tonight we all dance to a Ska beat when the vault opens to the leaders of Britain’s ska revival of the 80s featuring Special AKA, Madness, Fun Boy 3, The English Beat and more.
  • S1986E920 Short Film: Double Exposure + Directions in Jazz

    • September 20, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    For this short film series, we have “Double Exposure” a true hidden gem that aired on Night Flight in 1986. Starting with scenes of industrial Chicago, this short film takes you into a suburban household where a wayward artist-types stop in at home for family dinner. Later on in the evening the nervous suburban awkwardness explodes into pure energy (a la Pere Ubu) in a raucous club show at the end of the film that feels like a pretty authentic document of a Chicago Saturday night in the 80s. Not to be missed. Next up is Night Flight’s “Directions in Jazz.” We begin with Chuck Mangione who makes “sex and jazz willing partners” according to Pat Prescott, which is followed by one of our favorite archive discoveries yet! The #1 horn player in the world of Jazz, Miles Davis, uses the animation of Annabel Jankel (of Max Headroom fame) to illustrate his classic tune “Decoy.” This is an absolute stunner of a video, and it isn’t even on youtube. Moving on, we’ve got Stanley Jordan, who electrified the Jazz scene with his revolutionary neck guitar technique. Bass Player Stanley Clark gets involved with an experimental animation video for his avant-garde cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA,” and then we’re onto new age Eco-Jazz from Paul Winter Consort. Classic Night Flight indeed.
  • S1986E921 Viewer's Choice IV + Video Vault XIV

    • September 21, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Keep those cards and letters coming in, because this is what you've been asking for. Featuring Nina Hagen's "New York New York," Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al," a full version of Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms," clips from Genesis and of course, Prince. You can't ask for a better snapshot of the musical times than this special edition of Night Flight viewers choice.
  • S1986E1004 New Sounds

    • October 4, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    Take off with an hour long special episode of New Sounds from 1986, starting off with Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Big Audio Dynamite, BoDeans, Hüsker Dü, Jane SiBerry and provocative political rockers, Lords of The New Church.
  • S1986E1010 Comedy Cuts 6 + New Sounds

    • October 10, 1986
    • 240 minutes
    "Welcome to Comedy Cuts, the most original comedy show on TV today starring Nancy Parker, Dennis Blair, Adrianne Tolsch, Night Flight brings you new sounds with Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Human League, Level 42, Art of Noise and so much more.