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Jake and the Women

The women (and Grace and Zoe) want to hold a baby shower for Tiffany. This doesn't excite Jake. He doesn't want Grace - and especially Zoe - to have expectations about him and Tiffany. So Jake discourages the idea of having Zoe at the shower. So she calls Lily to cancel the shower, which upsets Zoe. Jake tells Tiffany that she shouldn't go home to have the baby just because of him and Zoe. Lily convinces Tiffany to have the baby in Chicago and to have the shower also. Jake wants Lily to butt out of ""his business"", but because the kids are involved, he relents. Judy goes to her doctor to see how many ""baby years"" she has left. She even tells Lily that she's considering in-vitro fertilization. Zoe is upset over Jake's seeming indifference about his upcoming baby. Jake goes ballistic in front of all the women and kids when he and Zoe get home and the ladies discover that he didn't get a gift. Lily reassures Jake that he is still a good father despite his outburst. Jake does g

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Name Type Role
Sue Paige Writer
Daniel Paige Writer
Heidi Marnhout Guest Star
Daniel Henson Guest Star
Mariah O'Brien Guest Star
Susie Park Guest Star
Jodi Harris Guest Star
Gunther Jensen Guest Star
Amy E. Wieczorek Guest Star
Michael Piznarski Guest Star
Martha Small Guest Star
Mark Piznarski Director