One Big Family

Theme Song: This is Seattle, Nice Place, Huh? I live here, I'm Jake Hatton. I'm like the head of the house, That job belongs to my nephew Don. Don's a cop, So he knows a little about keeping the peace. Okay, He can know a little more, But he's a good kid, He tries. See, when Don's folks died, He and his new wife, Jan, and just kids themselves, Found they were up to there necks, Acting as mother and father, To Don's 4 brothers and sisters. Well, That's where I come in, To lend a hand, And it's working out great, Alright, it's working out. One Big Family is about a family that lives in Seattle, Washington. It follows the life of Jake Hatton, and his nephew Don & his wife Jan, who come to live with him. Don also brings his 4 brothers and sisters. This show sadly did not win "Best New Family Television, Comedy, or Drama-Series" award. Instead "Our House" won the award.

English français
  • Series ID 72551
  • Status Ended
  • Runtimes 30 minutes (25 episodes)
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  • Episode Screenshot Format 4:3 Screencap
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  • Created February 4, 2008 by Administrator
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