So, as some of you know, James usually picks the Open Haus questions. This week it was Bruce - and notice that the questions are PREEEETTY much about the same. That's because James has a formula for how to choose questions for the show. If you follow his rules, you'll DEFINITELY increase your chances of getting chosen. 1) Never choose a question that begins with the word "If..." 2) Omit anything with references to old characters or shows 3) Doesn't hurt to have a Psychonauts reference 4) If your username sounds like a cute girl, +35% chance 5) Prioritize anything that allows James to show those beautiful baby blues on camera 6) Don't make your Game of Thrones question TOO meta, but don't make it sincere either 7) Try not to use the phrase "The Duke's undercroft" in your questions. That's James' trigger 8) You do not talk about Fight Club. 9) Long, drawn out questions WILL be changed when we record 10) Choose usernames Adam will mispronounce Follow these steps and you too can be on Open Haus!

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