Pauline's Quirkes

A light-hearted, provocative magazine-style show for teenagers, provided an early showcase for the talents of one of Britain's best-loved stars. After playing a leading role in Thames' You Must Be Joking!, the 16-year-old Pauline took centre-stage in this teatime spin-off series, presenting a lively mix of comedy sketches, music and features. Teen pop idols Flintlock provided the songs while unleashing outbreaks of hysteria among the studio audience, and Pauline's co-presenters included future Birds of a Feather co-star Linda Robson. Irreverent, often risqué humour (usually at the expense of the Flintlock boys) and discussion of the pressing issues of the day (should boys be allowed to wear skirts to school?) raised eyebrows and blazed a trail for a new kind of show aimed at teenage audiences. This set contains the complete series, also featuring DJs Mike Read and Steve Wright, and master magician Ali Bongo.

  • Series ID 263201
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 1976-11-15
  • Network
  • Runtime 25
  • Genres Comedy, Special Interest
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