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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Doctor's Orders

    • July 12, 2000
    • ITV1

    Danny is out to get fit so he can get it on with his fitness instructor, but that's far from Sydney's mind. He's got an in growing toenail

  • S01E02 Father's Day

    • July 13, 2000
    • ITV1

    Danny has a stock when he bumps into his father

  • S01E03 An Ill Windfall

    • July 20, 2000
    • ITV1

    Danny & Sydney find a parcel containing over a thousand pounds cash. They talk about what they could do with money and decide to place an ad and hoping no one claims it. Sydney however loses most of the money when he uses it to bet on a horse

  • S01E04 Wedding Belles

    • July 27, 2000
    • ITV1

    Its Sydney's daughters wedding, and he doesn't invite Danny

  • S01E05 The Italian Job

    • August 3, 2000
    • ITV1

    Sydney goes out his way to remind Danny it's his birthday. Danny is more concerned with winning over some Italian exchange student

  • S01E06 A Change Is As Good ...

    • August 10, 2000
    • ITV1

    Sydney goes on holiday with his caravan to Morecambe. Danny is like a lost sheep all on his own. Filling most of the time by having conversations his poster of Britney Spears