Based on the books by Australian comedienne and broadcaster Wendy Harmer, Pearlie is a park fairy appointed by Fairy HQ to manage Jubilee Park, a magical oasis in the centre of a bustling big city. With her chill right hand elf Jasper and the outback fairy Opal at her side, Pearlie sets her plans in motion to keep the residents of the park safe, happy and productive. Meanwhile her resentful cousin Saphira, with her infatuated bat assistant Ludwig in tow, does all she can to disrupt Pearlie's plans and discredit her in the eyes of Fairy HQ and the rest of fairyland.

  • Series ID 257304
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 2009-10-03
  • Network
  • Runtime 12
  • Genres Animation, Comedy
  • Airs
  • Rating TV-Y
  • IMDB tt1728224
  • Schedules Direct EP01183572
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  • Last Updated 04/06/2015 7:13pm


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