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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E13 Photoshop TV Episode 13

    • January 16, 2006

    Show Highlights: - Use the pen tool to trace an image with paths - Use Vanishing Point to put a sign on the side of a truck - Matting effects - ‘Fake’ a displacement map using Liquify - The Clone Stamp and Vanishing Point togethe

Season 2

  • S02E62 Ring in the New Year with some new tips and tricks

    • January 2, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys cook up plenty of tasty tips for your digital photographs. So What Have We Learned: - Dave demonstrates how to distort type without losing quality by converting it to shapes - Matt shows you how to put the name of the file at the bottom of each image in your PDF presentation - all with a simple script available here - Scott has some handy tips for portrait retouching and brightening eyes by using Layers masks

  • S02E63 Tips, tricks and…Jazz Hands?

    • January 8, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys bring you even more great tips for turning images into designs! So What Have We Learned: - Matt shows you how to create a ray of light using the Polar Coordinates filter - Scott uses levels to recreate a splash screen with a ghost effect - Dave puts hair light into a head-shot with Outer Glow and a 0% fill technique

  • S02E64 Photoshop TV has a Spin-Off!

    • January 15, 2007

    Tutorials, special guests and a bit of Tom-foolery. In other words… the usual! So What Have We Learned: - Dave gives you the low-down on Photoshop CS3’s Black and White conversion functions - Because he cares, Matt gives us a primer on using levels to enhance and restore photos - Special guest, Fay Sirkis, has a brilliant demonstration of Corel Painter - The Photoshop Lad, Corey Barker, breaks down the Clipping Mask

  • S02E65 Who was that floating man?

    • January 22, 2007

    Matt and Dave serve up some unusual fare and answer your questions. So What Have We Learned? - Matt shows you how to create funky 3D text effects using simple strokes and the Warp tool - Dave demonstrates some of the functions in Photoshop you may never have used before - Apply Image Ask the Photoshop Guys: Matt and Dave answer some questions we’ve received from viewers: - How do you make your own custom color gradient? - How do you unlink the Layers Mask?

  • S02E66 Photographers, this one’s for you!

    • January 29, 2007

    Taking your digital photographs to the next level So What Have We Learned: - Dave automates adding watermarks to your photos with Smart Objects and a handy Action - Scott shows you how to edit JPG, TIFF and Camera RAW images with Photoshop CS3 - Matt creates a panorama from a not-so-panoramic image with the Crop tool

  • S02E67 Make Your Photos POP!

    • February 5, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys have new tips for your digital photography and the inside scoop on a great contest for our viewers. So What Have We Learned: - Scott shows you the best new features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Target Adjustment Tool, Keyword Stamper, Virtual Copies and Tone Curve. - Matt shows you how to use the Hue and Saturation in Adjustment Layers. - Dave uses Free Transform for repeat Actions and across multiple Layers.

  • S02E68 The Return of Choppy Hands

    • February 12, 2007

    Special Guest, Ben Wilmore, joins the Photoshop Guys for tips and tricks.

  • S02E69 Creating Great Effects

    • February 19, 2007

    Special guest Bert Monroy joins the Photoshop Guys for creating some great illusions. So What Have We Learned? - Dave shows you how to make virtually perfect selections using the Channels pallette. - Special guest, Bert Monroy changes a regular donut into a drippy jelly donut with the Clone Stamp tool. - Matt gives a model a quick nose job with the Pinch filter.

  • S02E70 A very warped episode

    • February 26, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys get into warping and Joe McNally drops by. So What Have We Learned: - The Photoshop Lad, Corey Barker, makes realistic sparks with a Dissolve brush and the Warp tool. - Matt shows you how to create a perfect reflection with Free Transform, Layer masks and Zig Zag. - Special guest, Joe McNally pops by with a great demonstration of lighting techniques with theNikon SB-800. - Dave creates a wine label with Smart Objects and the Warp tool.

  • S02E71 Variety is the spice of life!

    • March 5, 2007

    The Photoshop guys bring you special guests, cool techniques and more. So What Have We Learned? - Matt gives a side-by-side comparison of Smart Sharpen and the Unsharp Mask and helps you decide which one is best for your images. - Corey uses Color Burn, Layer Styles and the Plastic Wrap filter to set a piece of paper on fire. - Special guest, Anne Cahill of Nikon Professional Services shows you how to set your digital camera to make the most of remote flashes. - Dave has a tip on automatically creating Layer masks to combine two images.

  • S02E72 A very Lad episode of Photoshop TV

    • March 12, 2007

    When the Photoshop Guys are away, the Lad will play! So What Have We Learned: - Corey shows you how to make a James Bond style screen effect using the Fibers, Cutout and Twirl filters. - Special guest, Felix Nelson puts a showroom finish on a car with Shadow/Highlight adjustments and Levels. - By request, Corey demonstrates how to create an Andy Warhol style effect with a psychedelic animation effect.

  • S02E73 Lad, Part Deux, The Sequel

    • March 19, 2007

    Corey Barker and Felix Nelson return with eye-popping creative techniques. So What Have We Learned: - Felix shows you how to recreate the Scanner Darkly effect with Poster Edges and strokes. Tip courtesy of Margie Rosenstein. - Corey demonstrates the multiple plane feature in Photoshop CS3’s Vanishing Point filter while creating a cool, abstract background. - Felix turns a flat image into a 3D magazine spread with highlights and gradients. - Plus! The Top 10 Reasons You Might be a Photoshop Addict, courtesy of NAPP forum members.

  • S02E74 They’re Back!

    • March 26, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys are back and bring you some darn handy information. So What Have We Learned: - Matt has a very detailed look at the ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) exam and shows you how to prepare for it. - Dave shows you how to bring focus to a photo’s subject in Photoshop CS3 with Quick Selection. - Scott creates a product shot out of two different images and blend modes.

  • S02E75 Pre-Photoshop World Goodness

    • April 2, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys bring you more great techniques before heading off to the Photoshop World Show in Boston. So What Have We Learned: - Scott uses adjustments, filters, and free transform to create a professional looking product shot, and tells you how to easily compare photos in camera raw - Matt details how to remove a color cast using curves -Dave shows you how to fix your photos’ colors in a slightly different way, and then how to apply it to many photos using automation

  • S02E76 Tightly Scripted? Nah!

    • April 9, 2007

    Taped at Photoshop World in Boston, the Photoshop Guys bring you a very special episode of Adobe Photoshop TV. So What Have We Learned? - Dave has a tutorial on creating and editing your own gradients - Scott shows you how to make a stylized logo by manipulated text, shapes and Gaussian Blur - Matt has a different way to create an edge effect using different brushes and the Layer mask - Scott has a quick Curves effect for creating black and white portraits

  • S02E77 Back From Photoshop World

    • April 16, 2007

    Matt and Corey have returned from Photoshop World in Boston just in time to share some new tips. So What Have We Learned? - Matt breaks down the process for creating a fun and easy product display that he saw on a roadside billboard. - Corey answers a viewer request to explain a technique that uses the Gradient tool and filters to create a retro, ’70s effect on a portrait photo.

  • S02E78 Home Alone

    • April 23, 2007

    Matt and Corey are on their own again to wreak havoc from behind the desk at Photoshop TV. So What Have We Learned? - Corey shares a fun technique for creating the numbers in a digital clock and having it countdown using the Animation palette. - Matt demonstrates a useful trick for extending the canvas and using a gradient to create some extra space in your image for text. -Matt also answers a request from a Photoshop World Conference attendee and explains how to make realistic bubbles in Photoshop.

  • S02E79 It’s the Matt and Laddy Show

    • April 30, 2007

    Matt and Corey trade jokes, swap shirts, and share some new tricks. So What Have We Learned? - Matt goes through the process for exporting images from Lightroom. He touches on the Develop Module, adjusting white balance and using the exposure sliders, as well as many of the options in the export dialog. - Corey shares a technique for creating an image wall effect and shows us why using a Smart Object makes it easier to go back and adjust the image later. -Corey also has a keyboard shortcut for clearing the monitor and displaying your images in full screen.

  • S02E80 A never-ending show that lasts 31 minutes

    • May 7, 2007

    Changes are on the way for PSTV, but the Photoshop Guys will always be here. So What Have We Learned? - Matt demonstrates how to use the Image Processor command in Lightroom to convert all your RAW files to JPEGs, fast and easy. - Corey shares a technique for creating an underwater scene, complete with an ocean floor, surface waves, and sunlight shinning through. -Dave has a keyboard shortcut for quickly creating a new document with the same dimensions as the previous one.

  • S02E81 Under Construction

    • May 14, 2007

    The opening of the show may be changing, but the great content is still here. So What Have We Learned? - Corey demonstrates some of the 3D capabilities of Photoshop Extended by applying the Vanishing Point tool to a halftone pattern. - Matt answers a question from a Photoshop World attendee about how to fix an overexposed image by combining new layers in the Multiply blend mode. Matt also shares a keyboard shortcut for quickly cycling through your layer comps. -Dave introduces the Layer Comps palette, which is a useful place to experiment and create variations of your image by changing the layers.

  • S02E82 Welcome Back Scott

    • May 21, 2007

    Scott Kelby returns to the set to tell us about some of the changes that are in the works for NAPPtv. So What Have We Learned? - Matt leads off with a tutorial about correcting photo distortion using the Vertical Perspective setting, which resides under the Lens Correction filter. - Scott shares a tip for using CS3 Camera Raw to easily repair a set photos that were shot with debris on the lens and/or sensor. Scott also has another tip for editing your jpeg and tiff images in Camera Raw. -Dave has a tutorial for adding a neon effect to text in a way that allows you the flexibility to edit the text afterward.

  • S02E83 A Work In Progress

    • May 28, 2007

    In the midst of a massive redesign, the Photoshop Guys still find time to share tips and techniques with their viewers. So What Have We Learned? - Scott has a tutorial on using the Tone Curve to help adjust the shadows, midtones, and highlights of your images. Scott also has a trick for how to get the Shadow/Highlight option to behave like an adjustment layer. - Matt shares a technique for taking a vector object, converting it to a brush and using it as a decorative patern on your photo. If you want to download the vector design and follow along, click here. Matt also explains how to get back the keyboard shortcut for loading luminosity. Download Matt’s tutorial image here. -NAPP’s new instructor RC makes his NAPPtv debut with a look at Photoshop Extended’s new video abilities. RC demonstrates how to take a series of images and export them as a Flash video. No previous Flash experience required!

  • S02E84 Our Biggest Fan

    • June 4, 2007

    Dealing with a set still under construction, a sleep-starved Scott, Matt’s European absence, and the looming presence of their “biggest fan”, can’t stop the Photoshop Guys from cranking-out the tips, tricks, and techniques for their loyal audience. So What Have We Learned? - Corey has a fun tutorial for replicating the textured effect used on the logo of DreamWorks “Shrek the Third”. - Dave shares with us some tips and tricks for using Match Color to do more than making two photographs look somewhat similar. - Scott offers a sneak peek from his new Photoshop CS3 for Digital Photographers book with a tutorial for using new features in CS3 to show your work as a professional-looking panorama. - Matt Kloskowski checks-in from Amsterdam with a video tour of Adobe Live.

  • S02E85 RC Loves Pizza

    • June 11, 2007

    This week Scott, Dave, and Corey (Matt’s still off in Europe) bring you cool new tutorials for Photoshop CS3, as well as cool new features! Oh, all that lime green where the set should be…we’re working on that. So What Have We Learned? - Corey gives a quick public service announcement from NAPP Labs on the new Clickable Link feature (note for all Flash viewers: you’ll notice this feature doesn’t work for you…we’re working on that too). - Scott shares a quick tutorial on using Camera Raw or Photoshop to remove lens vignetting from a photograph. - Dave shows how to make an open door effect in Photoshop using simple layer and selection techniques. - Corey dishes-out a very cool tutorial for using Smart Filters to edit QuickTime video in Photoshop CS3 Extended. - Matt Kloskowski checks-in from Amsterdam with a video tour of Adobe Live.

  • S02E86 Pool Party!

    • June 18, 2007

    Dave Cross, Corey Barker, and RC hang poolside and enjoy some sunshine while they share some Photoshop tricks. So What Have We Learned? - RC has a tutorial about importing your Photoshop elements into Flash using some of the new integration features in Photoshop CS3. - Corey demonstrates how to create a chain link fence pattern starting with an object in Illustrator and adding a metallic effect Photoshop. - Dave Cross shares a cool effect for making your photo look aged by using a hue adjustment and a combination of filters to create a weathered appearance.

  • S02E87 Studio On Wheels

    • June 25, 2007

    While waiting for the new studio to be completed, Scott, Dave, Corey, and RC decided to take a drive while they do the show. So What Have We Learned? - Dave shares some tips for moving your presets from Photoshop CS2 into the new CS3 version using the Preset Manager. - Scott has a trick for using the new Camera Raw version 4.1 and editing your photos using a Smart Object layer. - RC answers a question from the user forums about placing a copyright symbol in the bottom corner of your document. - Corey has a tutorial for creating a neat border effect using a custom brush. - NAPP’s creative director, Felix Nelson, shares a couple quick tips for customizing your workspace in Photoshop CS3.

  • S02E88 Golf Anyone?

    • July 2, 2007

    Only the Photoshop Guys are capable of completing an entire episode’s worth of tutorials, all while playing 18 holes of golf. So What Have We Learned? - Matt has a tutorial about some of the updates for Camera Raw 4.1. He goes in-depth and explains the new sharpening features. - Dave answers a viewer’s question about how to create a semi-transparent, double-stroke effect around a piece of text. - Deke McClelland is joining NAPPtv for a series of segments that begin this week. In this episode, Deke shares some techniques for using the Multi Channel function in Photoshop. - Corey has a tip for using the Alt/Option key to view all of the tools associated with a given tool button.

  • S02E89 Hosting Via Satellite

    • July 9, 2007

    Because the cast of NAPPtv is scattered across the country, we’ve had to employ a little extra technology to get them all together for this week’s show. So What Have We Learned? - Dave shares an edge effect tutorial that uses a graphic created in Illustrator to make a clipping mask in Photoshop that you can then use around the borders of your image. - Corey has a tutorial about using brush tools in the Quick Mask Mode to help make difficult selections that your regular selection tools can’t make. - RC traveled all the way to Bell Buckle, Tennessee for the RC and Moonpie Festival. Check out a video summary of his wacky weekend trip. - Deke McClelland has another segment that deals with using the Multi Channel function in Photoshop to create a hyper-saturated effect that you can’t achieve with filters and adjustments. - Matt joins in with a keyboard shortcut for creating a new layer in the Layers palette.

  • S02E90 No Frills Episode

    • July 16, 2007

    We’re using a plain white set and there’s limited banter from the hosts. It’s just good, clean Photoshop fun. Let’s get to it. So What Have We Learned? - Dave has a tutorial about using Smart Objects with different blend modes to create some effects for your image. Thanks to NAPP contributor Darrell Heath for coming up with this one. - Matt shares a retro effect that’s very popular right now. It uses a half tone pattern along with blend mode experimenting in order to give your image some pop. - Deke McClelland begins his two-part tutorial on creating laser beams that come out of a subject’s eyes. - Dave’s One for the Road tip is about using the Define Brush command to create an easy-to-use copyright symbol or company logo, etc.

  • S02E91 Pardon The Interruption

    • July 23, 2007

    Corey and RC share the hosting duties this week. Join them as they demonstrate some new Photoshop tricks. So What Have We Learned? - RC has a tutorial about creating animations in Photoshop to use in rollover states for your menu items after you bring them over to Dreamweaver. - Corey sets out to clarify the steps that are involved in a previous tutorial about creating 3D tubes using the Smudge tool. - Deke McClelland finishes up his two-part tutorial on creating laser beams that shoot out of a mad scientist’s eyes. - Corey’s One For The Road tip is a keyboard shortcut for grouping selected layers.

  • S02E92 Another New Episode, Another New Location

    • July 30, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys are still waiting for that new studio space. Despite the tight quarters this week, they are ready to teach you some new tips and tricks. So What Have We Learned? - Matt has a tutorial on how to fake Depth of Field in your image by creating a new channel and applying the Lens Blur filter. - Deke McClelland adds another trick to his laser beams tutorial by creating a Mask and using an outer glow and a color overlay to heat up some metal. - Scott shares his 10 favorite shortcuts for speeding up your workflow in Camera Raw. - Corey’s tutorial is about creating an invisible gap between your text and its outer stroke. - RC’s One For the Road tip is about converting your layer to a Smart Object so that you can use the Shadow/Highlight options like an adjustment layer.

  • S02E93 Home, Sweet Home

    • August 6, 2007

    Finally, it’s here! The Photoshop Guys have their new studio, a new intro, and some new tutorials to share with their viewers. So What Have We Learned? * Scott has a two-part tutorial on recreating a billboard ad design that he saw along the road. It uses a candy stripe background, a polar coordinates filter and an image of Matt Beer. * Julie Stephenson, the Conference Director for NAPP, joins the Photoshop Guys to talk about the upcoming Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas. * Matt shares a technique for making an Action that applies a variety of black and white effects to your image and gives you a couple options to choose from. * Larry Becker has all the latest news about upcoming Photoshop contests.

  • S02E94 More Photoshop Phun

    • August 13, 2007

    Dave Cross is back from vacation and the Photoshop Guys have invited a special guest to share some photography tips with the viewers. So What Have We Learned? * Dave has a tutorial on using Camera Raw to edit your pictures. * Matt shares a technique for correcting the colors of your underwater photographs using a curves adjustment layer. Also, be sure to stop by Amazon.com to preorder a copy of Matt’s new book, titled Layers. * Photographer and Photoshop World instructor Joe McNally is on set to share a couple of tips on holding the camera and softening your light to create better pictures. * Scott’s One For The Road Tip shares a couple of cool shortcuts and tricks for getting around in Photoshop’s filter dialogs.

  • S02E95 Oh, So Sassy

    • August 20, 2007

    Scott Kelby is out of town, but the rest of the Photoshop Guys are here and ready to take up the slack. So What Have We Learned? * Corey has a new tutorial on how to use Photoshop to illustrate a sunrise from scratch. It was inspired by his new class at the upcoming Photoshop World Conference. * Matt shares a retouching tip for removing tan lines. This one’s great for wedding photos because most brides like to lay out in the sun before the wedding and sometimes it really shows. * Dave plays around with a Photoshop add-on product from Strata and explores some of the 3D capabilities of CS3. * Corey’s One For The Road Tip is about how to create a quick hot-key for your favorite Photoshop function.

  • S02E96 Counting Down to Photoshop World

    • August 27, 2007

    Scott and Matt have the hosting duties for this last week before Photoshop World. If you haven’t made plans to join them in Las Vegas, you better get moving now because time is running out. So What Have We Learned? * Scott demonstrates a popular retouching technique using the liquify filter that’s great for removing love handles. * Matt shares a technique for creating a retro text effect that uses smart objects in order to keep the text completely editable. * Deke McClelland is back and he has a tip on using the new window command to provide multiple views of a single image to help when you are making adjustments. * The newly-wed, RC, is back from his honeymoon. He has a tutorial that was inspired by a movie poster. He uses a threshold adjustment layer and layer mask and creates some distressed type. * Scott’s One For The Road Tip contains a couple tips and tricks for making adjustments in a menu field.

  • S02E97 Short & Sweet

    • September 3, 2007

    Once again Scott and Matt are at the helm and you can "fully expect" to learn some new Photoshop tips and tricks from this episode. So What Have We Learned? * Matt goes over some layer masking basics; how to combine images using the gradient and brush tools. * Scott has a tip on creating multiple shadows by copying your object and using free transform, lowered opacity, and reflective color. * Special guest Rod Harlan takes a look at some of the new software that comes with Adobe’s Creative Suite CS3. You can learn more from him at DVConfidential.com. * Dave Cross has sent in a video segment from his photography trip in Alaska. Check out some of what he’s been up to these past two weeks. * Matt’s One For The Road Tip is about some of the keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Bridge.

  • S02E98 Live From Las Vegas!

    • September 12, 2007

    This special, “All-Tips Episode” was taped in front of a live audience on the expo hall floor at Photoshop World last week. So Many Tips From The Photoshop Guys * Changing adjustment layers without having to redo the layer mask. * Automate: crop and straighten your scanned photos with a simple command. * Double-click your adjustment sliders in Camera Raw to get them back to default settings. * Use smart objects in your layout and you’ll have a template that you can use for other photos using the Replace Contents command. * Blending multiple exposures to get the best areas out of each photo. * Camera Raw preview checkbox only toggles the changes made with that panel. * Quickly add extra canvas around your image with the crop tool. * Straighten a crooked photo using the lens correction filter. * Open and process your JPEGs in Camera Raw and set your preferences to open all JPEGs in Camera Raw. * Keyboard shortcuts for working with type. * Create a clipping mask and place your photo into any shape. * Use the history brush to create a classic wedding photo effect. * Applying smart filters to your type layers will keep the text editable. * When retouching, open your image in a new window so you can see your adjustments in context. * Type fonts with the word Pro after them have extra font options available. * Edit your keyboard shortcuts so that your most-used adjustment layers are easy to call up.

  • S02E99 Blammo Is Cool, Cool Is Blammo

    • September 17, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys had to pull themselves together and move on with the show after the loss of our dear, departed Camera Two. So What Have We Learned? * Scott has a tutorial on creating a 3D product box using Free Transform and the Perspective command. * Dave shares some keyboard commands for adjusting your type layers without using the mouse or tool palettes. * Special guest Wes Maggio is visiting from Wacom and he’s got some tips for using a Wacom tablet and integrating pressure sensitivity into your workflow. * Matt demonstrates how to simulate a graduated neutral density filter using a layer style. * Scott’s One For The Road Tip is about using the Custom Shape tool.

  • S02E100 The Centennial Episode

    • September 25, 2007

    This is the 100th show for the Photoshop Guys. Take a look back at some of their favorite moments from the first 99 episodes. So What Have We Learned? Scott, Matt, Dave and special guest Deke McClelland share some Photoshop tips and tricks including; the double image design technique, a trick for removing unwanted objects, using an edge mask in photo restoration, and experimenting with the Apply Image command.

  • S02E101 Number 101 And Counting

    • October 1, 2007

    The confetti has been swept up from the Centennial episode celebration and the Photoshop Guys are ready to embark on thier next hundred shows. So What Have We Learned? Scott, Matt, and Dave are joined by special guests Deke McClelland and Rod Harlan. The topics covered in this week’s episode include; how to present your images in better color, creating edge/border effects, creating an edge mask in 7 easy steps, animating with Photoshop CS3 Extended, how to dodge and burn nondestructively and how to copy layer styles to other layers.

  • S02E102 What Up Motto Photos!

    • October 8, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys are chillin’ just long enough to shoot another episode before they all head out on the road again. So What Have We Learned? Scott, Matt, Dave, and special guests Deke McClelland and Rod Harlan cover; new ways to use the Auto Align feature, using Photoshop with the Puppet tool in After Effects CS3, exploring the tonal width option in the Shadow/Highlight adjustments, putting an Edge Mask to use, and finally, changing the order of your brushes in the Brushes palette.

  • S02E103 Another Very Random Episode

    • October 15, 2007

    The Photoshop Guys and special guest Bert Monroy have some new photography and graphic techniques to share this week. So What Have We Learned? In this episode we learn about a surreal, gritty, urban look that you can apply to your photos in Camera Raw. Discover how to create realistic water droplets and explore Photoshop’s Picture Package options. Also learn about the new Zoomify feature in CS3 and some keyboard shortcuts to use with the photo rating system.

  • S02E104 Missing Man Formation

    • October 22, 2007

    Two-thirds of the Photoshop Guys are in the studio and ready to host this week’s episode. So What Have We Learned? How to create a flexible action for a LAB color boost, some benefits of creating a smart object from a layer group, a great-looking backlight technique for wedding photos, and information about Epson’s new Exhibition Fiber Paper.

  • S02E105 Another Hair-Raising Episode

    • October 29, 2007

    Join the Photoshop Guys and special guest Moose Peterson for this spine-tingling, bone-chilling, super-steamy Halloween episode. So What Have We Learned? How to extend the canvas of your image and copy elements in the background, how to whiten your studio background using the color range command, how to correct the lighting of your indoor photos, and how to hide and show menu items. All this, as well as a first look at the new D3 SLR from Nikon.

  • S02E106 That’s Gold Baby

    • November 5, 2007

    Join us this week for the jokes, the laughs, a special guest, and oh yeah, some Photoshop tutorials as well. So What Have We Learned? How to create a beam of light to produce a dramatic effect, 4 photography tips to help you make more creative pictures, how to wrap text around an unusually-sized object, and a great way to email your photos using PDFs.

  • S02E107 Are You Going To Hawaii?

    • November 12, 2007

    Matt and Dave are running the show by themselves this week. Join them for a couple new Photoshop tutorials and photography news. So What Have We Learned? How to knock out the background of your logo design, how to take your photo through a complete RAW editing workflow, where to go to learn about copyrighting your photograph, and how to get a before and after view of your filter adjustments.

  • S02E108 These Are My Friends?

    • November 19, 2007

    Scott, Matt and Dave are ready to go with a couple new tutorials and some reasons why you photographers out there should be using Lightroom. So What Have We Learned? All about Lightroom and where it fits into your photography workflow. How to remove those dark areas under your subjects’ eyes. How to visually enhance your data graphs. And what the Reveal in Bridge command is good for.

  • S02E109 Masticated Means Chewed, Right?

    • November 26, 2007

    Scott, Matt and Dave welcome special guest Vincent Versace to the studio for this week’s ‘lurid’ episode. So What Have We Learned? To use Illustrator to create graphic data that will update automatically, using Bridge’s Retouch tool on your Camera Raw photos, multiple uses for a tonal repair technique, and how to tweak your Photoshop workspace by moving palettes and toolbars.

  • S02E110 Time For A New Episode - I Concur

    • December 3, 2007

    Scott and Matt are ready to instill some Photoshop wisdom and share with you some of their favorite photography-related gadgets. So What Have We Learned? How to emphasize the highlight and shadow areas in your product shots, Scott’s favorite gift ideas for the holidays, how to add tinting to a black and white photo using adjustment layers, and how to adjust Photoshop’s color profiles so your images look the same on the web as they do in Photoshop.

  • S02E111 Eco-Friendly Revelations

    • December 10, 2007

    Scott and Matt are joined by special guest Bert Monroy who has an ‘electrifying’ tutorial to share in this week’s episode. So What Have We Learned? Three different methods for blending photos, hot ticket items from the second half of the Gonzo Holiday Guide, how to illustrate a neon guitar, and a way to quickly build a picture package using Photoshop.

  • S02E112 Primed and Pasteurized

    • December 17, 2007

    All three of the Photoshop Guys are in the studio today and joining them is special guest Dan “Color Correction” Margulis. So What Have We Learned? How to take guess work out of removing shadows, how to add an antique/historical look to your photos using Camera Raw, how to darken the background behind your subject, and how to quickly change the unit of measurement in your rulers.

  • S02E113 As the Snowman Dances

    • December 24, 2007

    Happy Holidays from the Photoshop Guys. Here are a couple tips to put under your tree. So What Have We Learned? A couple of tips including; a photo album technique that utilizes layer masks and opacity settings, how to bring out the background through your text, making better selections with the quick selection tool, and weird and wacky stuff with a black and white adjustment layer.

Season 3