Pit Bulls and Parolees

Pit bulls are eager to please, faithful and enthusiastic friends and pleasant with children according to credible canine organizations. Really, it's true. Yet, the public largely associates these dogs with fear, danger and unyielding aggression toward people. Pit bulls actually were once ranked among American's top five favorite pets and also known as the "nanny dog" for their gentleness with children. But they have fallen from grace. Now often associated with gang members, dog fighting and attacks. That's about to change. Animal Planet introduces you to this dog's greatest ally, and she's not a man - she's a fiery red-headed leading lady, and she's determined to end the needless hostility toward pit bulls. Meet Tia Maria Torres - 49-year-old mother, top pit bull trainer and founder and owner of Villalobos Rescue Center - the country's largest rescue facility for pit bulls.

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  • TheTVDB.com Series ID 220871
  • Status Continuing
  • First Aired 2009-10-30
  • Network Animal Planet
  • Runtime 45
  • Genres Documentary, Special Interest
  • Airs 9:00 PM on Saturday
  • Rating
  • IMDB tt1538145
  • Schedules Direct EP01193446
  • TV.com 78172
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