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Season 1

  • S01E01 This Baby's Gonna Fly

    • September 24, 2002
    • CBS

    Dr. Lanning and Dr. Keating team up to save a newborn baby in distress. Meanwhile, Dr. Keating must grapple with a medical scare that could affect her own ability to have children. Dr. Brennan returns from her yearly foreign medical mission, known as ""Doctors Without Borders,"" where she has been having an affair with a Greek physician. Upon her return, she must help a man deal with the impending death of his father, who has cancer. Dr. Slingerland enlists Dr. Jordan to help him convince a zealous high school football coach of his urgent need for heart surgery. At the same time, Dr. Colette brazenly begins her new job by bullying an HMO to approve surgery for an elderly woman.

  • S01E02 Second Chance

    • September 25, 2002
    • CBS

    Dr. Jackie Collette struggles with her reluctance to treating burn victims when a critically burned firefighter needs her help. Meanwhile, Dr. Brennan refocuses on making her marriage work and attempts to make it easier by asking Dr. Kokoris to leave Presidio Med and return to Greece.

  • S01E03 Do No Harm

    • October 2, 2002
    • CBS

    Dr. Lanning and Dr. Keating work together to help a troubled young girl who asks to be sterilized. Meanwhile, Dr. Jordan and her physician husband, Dr. Roback, argue over how to get a mother to take her obese boy's weight issue seriously.

  • S01E04 When Approaching a Let-Go

    • October 9, 2002
    • CBS

    Drs. Slingerland and Jordan diagnosis a cable car worker with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and a heart problem, Dr. Keating looks for doctors who willfertilize her eggs, and Dr. Colette learns that the fire fighter she treated for burns is in love with her!

  • S01E05 Secrets

    • October 16, 2002
    • CBS

    Rae tries to get the parents of a 10 year old boy to tell him he has Sickle-Cell Anemia.

  • S01E06 Milagros

    • October 23, 2002
    • CBS

    Two doctors fight over wether they should remove the leg of a diabetic patient.

  • S01E07 Once Upon a Family

    • October 30, 2002
    • CBS

    Letty and Matt work together on a patient, Dean Carvell, who suffers severe heart problems due to a previous car accident. Dean's lover and son clash over his treatment, which doesn't seem successful. Finally, Dean must choose whether or not to continue being resuscitated. Meanwhile, Harriet unites a wealthy, infertile 42-year-old woman who desperately wants a child with a troubled, pregnant teenager, Ellen O'Neal, who wants to give up her baby for adoption. But problems with Ellen's father and teenage boyfriend could jeopardize the transaction. After suspecting parental abuse when she sees a boy's bruises, Jules later questions her decision to call Children's Protective Services. And each of the Presidio Med doctors passes an obnoxious chronic patient, Francis Weinod, on to the next unwitting physician.

  • S01E08 Pick Your Battles

    • November 13, 2002
    • CBS

    Dr.Kokoris operates on another patient; A fitness instructor complains of muscle problems and learns he has something different.

  • S01E09 Suffer Unto Me the Children...

    • January 17, 2003
    • CBS

    Patients delivering prematurely, flood the hospital.

  • S01E10 With Grace

    • January 22, 2003
    • CBS

    Rae splits up from her husband Sean while helping a 9-year battle Leukemia.

  • S01E11 Breathless

    • January 24, 2003
    • CBS

    A young boy is treated after telling his praents he is now gay and a young woman hopes for new lungs.

  • S01E12 Good Question

    • CBS

  • S01E13 Best of Enemies

    • CBS

  • S01E14 Cascading

    • CBS

  • S01E15 Happy Ending

    • CBS

  • S01E16 In the Silence

    • CBS