Welcome to the Restoration guide at TV Tome. Restoration is a BBC2 show encouraging viewers to get involved in the restoration of historical buildings, together with a viewers' telephone vote. Each episode focuses on a particular region of the UK and features three buildings. Experts in historical architecture, Ptolemy Dean and Marianne Suhr, explain the history and features of each building, then a celebrity advocate tells us why they feel it should be restored. The most popular building from each regional heat goes through to the national final, and the money raised by the telephone vote goes toward the restoration of the winning building. The fund is boosted by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Commission. Although only one building gets the money, the publicity generated by the series helps to give a boost to the fundraising efforts of all the others, and has had an effect in encouraging people to volunteer their time as well as money to local restoration projects.

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  • First Aired 2003-08-01
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