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Season 7



  • S07E01 Episode 1

    • January 7, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    The team looks into problems that can arise even before the holiday has begun, and one woman reveals how her choice of valet parking company ended up costing her her car. Plus the new airport drop-off charges that caused chaos at the exit barriers and the online currency provider that turned out to be a dureau de short change, and travel guru Simon Calder has hints on how to enjoy the Indian Ocean without breaking the budget.
  • S07E02 Episode 2

    • January 8, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville hear how viewers' travels were ruined by life-threatening events and disasters, including how an urgent dash to hospital left one man facing a pile of unexpected medical bills and a lifetime of debt. A couple reveal the costly consequences of fleeing their idyllic island retreat when it was hit by an earthquake. Plus the favourite destination that suddenly became a bit too much of a walk on the wild side for some families, and travel expert Simon Calder has tips on visiting movie locations at home and abroad.
  • S07E03 Episode 3

    • January 9, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Gloria Hunniford, Julia Somerville and Angela Rippon return with a guide to staying safe, sound and solvent on holiday. The team investigates how changing attitudes are affecting trips abroad and why in some cities it seems tourists are no longer quite so welcome. Plus why some of the biggest tour companies are bidding farewell to some of the traditional excursions and adventures involving animals, and the risks of a new kind of holiday home investment are exposed, as viewers reveal how they have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket.
  • S07E04 Episode 4

    • January 10, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Julia Somerville, Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford investigate more viewers' holiday nightmares, looking at problems with flights and planes. Including the big-name booking site that forgot to tell customers their tickets were cancelled, and the truth about why airline seats are shrinking is revealed. Travel dilemmas are resolved by the experts at the Rip Off Britain pop-up shop, and travel expert Simon Calder has invaluable advice on avoiding visa and passport horrors.
  • S07E05 Episode 5

    • January 11, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Julia Somerville, Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford are back with more stories of viewers' holiday horrors, investigating situations where the dream is very different from the reality - and how the timing of the trip could make all the difference. Among the stories are the holiday home that was a house of horrors, the perfect beach ruined by a mountain of seaweed and the families who say their day trip to Santa's home in Lapland was a festive flop. Travel expert Simon Calder has tips on visiting the best waterfalls at home and abroad.
  • S07E06 Episode 6

    • January 14, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Julia Somerville, Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford report on viewers' holiday horrors, investigating new developments affecting people who dream of their very own place in the sun. On the island of Tenerife, Angela goes on the trail of a company that has been cold-calling timeshare owners with an offer that sounds too good to be true. Back at home there is the story of people who bought static caravans but had a huge shock when they wanted to sell up, and Simon Calder has a guide to the culture, cuisine and landscapes of Russia.
  • S07E07 Episode 7

    • January 15, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville return with another look at viewers' travel woes, focusing on the frustrations of complaining. Among the stories are the passengers who found themselves sitting on the floor of a plane all the way home, and why hundreds of people are sending in bailiffs to get money they are owed by big-name airlines. Plus the swarm of wasps that drove a family out of their holiday home, and Simon Calder celebrates the resurgence of coach travel
  • S07E08 Episode 8

    • January 16, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville present another look at viewers' real-life holiday horror stories - and with more and more people opting to stay at home, this episode looks at the growth of the 'staycation'. Featuring a grand country house which turned out to be pretty shabby, and the sorry state of a once-beloved chain of holiday camps. Plus the mystery tour that was anything but magical, and Simon Calder's insider tips to avoiding the crowds and cost of Amsterdam.
  • S07E09 Episode 9

    • January 17, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Gloria Hunniford, Julia Somerville and Angela Rippon investigate more of the pitfalls that could scupper holiday plans, looking at the strange phenomenon of disappearing deals. Among the people revealing how they didn't get what they paid for is the short term rental customer unexpectedly thrown out of the New York apartment they had booked, and the passengers shocked to suddenly have their flight tickets cancelled. Plus the website taking bookings for a non-existent hotel, and Simon Calder has tips on how to enjoy the great outdoors within American cities.
  • S07E10 Episode 10

    • January 18, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Angela Rippon, Julia Somerville and Gloria Hunniford open the lid on the travel world with top tips from a team of travel experts, and this episode uncovers some surprises about air travel. Featuring the one word on a ticket which should ring alarm bells and the flight disruption that left one couple stranded for a week. Plus the four-legged friend helping passengers with fear of flying, and Simon Calder looks at the best Gulf stopover choices
  • S07E11 Episode 11

    • January 21, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Gloria Hunniford, Julia Somerville and Angela Rippon investigate more viewers' holiday horror stories, looking at some of the things that can go wrong on cruises. Among them are a trip to Cuba that went seriously off course and the couple whose possessions were ruined in a cabin deluge. Plus how builders on board nearly sparked a passenger mutiny, and Simon Calder has tips on how best to deal with long-haul flights.
  • S07E12 Episode 12

    • January 22, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Gloria Hunniford, Julia Somerville and Angela Rippon reveal more tips and secrets to ensure people get the best and avoid the worst when it comes to holidays. Among the stories is the sunshine resort that suddenly started turning away guests who had booked and paid for their stays and, as guest reporter Martyn Ashton investigates plans to make travel more accessible for everybody, he discovers the very different ways that airlines and airports deal with people in wheelchairs. Plus the passengers told they couldn't take vital medical equipment on board a flight, and Simon Calder presents a guide to experiencing the northern lights.
  • S07E13 Episode 13

    • January 23, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Julia Somerville, Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford battle to resolve more viewers' holiday problems, taking a look at the changing face of 21st-century travel. Including how the actions of one of the industry's biggest names resulted in one family being hit with £14,000 in cancellation fees, and the e-visa mix-up that led to an 82-year-old woman being deported from India before her holiday even started. Plus the campaign against single-use plastics in tourism, and Simon Calder's top tips on what happens if someone misses a flight.
  • S07E14 Episode 14

    • January 24, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville get to the bottom of more viewers' holiday problems, focusing on some of the difficulties people experience while flying. As one family explains why missing their outbound flight was just the start of some very costly troubles, an unexpected problem that could well affect a journey home is revealed. And after one couple had to pay hundreds of pounds for an overweight piece of hand luggage, the astonishing variation in airline baggage rules is exposed. There is advice on what to do if an airline goes bust, and Simon Calder has tips on where to enjoy the best walking holidays.
  • S07E15 Episode 15

    • January 25, 2019
    • 45 minutes
    Julia Somerville, Gloria Hunniford and Angela Rippon look at some of the risks that travelling could present to someone's health, or even their identity, with advice to limit the dangers from the ones that can be avoided. As families reveal how their trips were ruined by infectious diseases, what responsibility does the hotel or tour company have if someone suddenly falls ill? And after an experiment reveals the hidden dangers of taking boarding pass selfies, there is a look at why people's most valuable personal details could be vulnerable. The team's experts tackle more holiday disasters at the programme's pop-up advice clinic, and Simon Calder has an introduction to some of the latest tourist destinations to emerge from the former Soviet Union.


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