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Kenshin and the rest are walking through the forest, they end up going to a restaurant to eat, and when the time came to pay for it, Kenshin had lost Kaoru's money. Kenshin and the rest offered to work off the money. Kaoru and Misao were making trips to send people their meal and accidentally went into the wrong room. Later that night Misao and Kaoru were in the hot springs and they spotted someone. They realized it was an artist seeking inspiration and Kaoru was it. The artist had fallen in love with Kaoru but Kaoru was in love with Kenshin, Misao had an idea and told Sanosuke, Sanosuke told the artist if he can hit Kenshin he will hook him up with Kaoru. No matter how hard the artist tried he couldn't hit Kenshin. Finally he got his inspiration and drew a portrait of Kaoru and gave it her. Kenshin and the rest left and saw Kaoru's picture, it was an abstract drawing and they laughed while running away.

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