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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 The Fated Sisters! Shoko and Kyoko 12/10/2018
2 Individual Decisions! The Goddess and Saintias 12/17/2018
3 Blooming in Darkness! The Dryads of Eris 12/24/2018
4 The Reunion of Sorrow! The Bond of the Separated Sisters 01/07/2019
5 Fly! Like Pegasus! 01/14/2019
6 Colliding Souls! Saori vs. Grand Master 01/21/2019
7 The Battle of the Twelve Temples! The Allurement of the Terrifying Ghosts 01/28/2019
8 A Clash of Nightmares! The Fists of Leo Flares Up 02/04/2019
9 A Spiral of Conflict! The Golden Apple and Orion's Devotion 02/11/2019
10 Shine Saintias! At the End of a Noble Prayer! 02/18/2019


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