Burning his cosmo to the limits, Seiya blocks Aldebaran's Great Horn and, surprisingly, repels the powerful attack towards the Gold Saint, who is thrown on the ground. When he manages to stand up, Seiya comes from above and, with a single strike, breaks the left horn of Aldebaran's helmet. Aldebaran admits his defeat, and allows Seiya to go ahead, but doesn't let the others to do the same. Then, Shiryu and the others join forces and freeze Aldebaran's arms, who allows them to move on. When they arrive at Gemini Temple, they find a confused Seiya at the entrance, and they decide to go together. Apparently, there is some weird force acting on Gemini Temple that prevents them to pass through it. When they leave, they're at the entrance again, but now there are two Gemini Temples. Splitting into two groups, they try to pass through Gemini Temple once again. But this time, Hyoga and Shun find someone on their way: The Gold Saint of Gemini!

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  • Episode Number 44
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  • Originally Aired Saturday, August 8, 1987
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