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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 The richest. Oil and fish 01/03/2019
2 The richest. Airbag 01/03/2019
3 The richest. What is Norwegian 01/04/2019
4 The most conflict-free. Swedish socialism 01/05/2019
5 The most conflict-free. Trick 22 01/08/2019
6 The most conflict-free. What is Swedish 01/09/2019
7 The happiest. We are all kings here 01/10/2019
8 The happiest. Galoshes of happiness 01/11/2019
9 The happiest. Do not think that you are better than me 01/14/2019
10 The most unyielding. Between Sweden and Russia 01/15/2019
11 The most unyielding. Nation's elite 01/16/2019
12 The most unyielding. What is Finnish 01/17/2019


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