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Season 1

  • S01E01 Half Breed

    • February 13, 1976
    • CBS

    Sara faces a crisis of conscience when the people of the town vent their pent-up rage over years of conflict with the Indians on a 10-year-old, half-Indian girl who wants to attend Sara's school.

  • S01E02 Bright Boy

    • February 20, 1976
    • CBS

    Sara needs all her tact and understanding to help a bright, but introverted, student from the East adjust to his new surroundings, but his father's talent for making enemies threatens to make the task impossible.

  • S01E03 Reprieve

    • February 20, 1976
    • CBS

    An epidemic breaks out in the region and Sara must help to tend the sick people assisted by one her students.

  • S01E04 The Sod House Woman

    • March 5, 1976
    • CBS

    Sara tries to attract two farm boys to her school and finds herself worrying about their mother, who is wasting away from years of desolation in an earthen house far from town.

  • S01E05 Code of the West

    • March 12, 1976
    • CBS

    When a young man, indentured to his harsh uncle, steals a horse to run away, Sara stands alone to save him from the gallows, under the code of the West.

  • S01E06 Man from Leadville

    • March 22, 1976
    • CBS

    Henry Darrow plays the colorful, romantic, opera-singing Italian who at first flirts with Sara, and then falls deeply in love with her. Reciprocating his feelings, she becomes personally involved and deeply affected by the dangerous nature of his work.

  • S01E07 When Gentlemen Agree

    • March 26, 1976
    • CBS

    Sara falls for a newcomer, a handsome man with a charm that seduces her. Townsfolk fear this romance may prompt Sara to leave.

  • S01E08 Lady

    • April 2, 1976
    • CBS

    Sara (Brenda Vaccaro) helps an escapee from an insane asylum she believes is perfectly sane.

  • S01E09 Child Bride

    • April 9, 1976
    • CBS

    Sara is dismayed when one of her favorite students, a bright 13-year-old girl, announces that she is getting married.

  • S01E10 Mountain Man

    • April 23, 1976
    • CBS

    Sara is kidnapped by a backwoods trapper (guest star Victor French) who takes the frightened teacher to his mountain hut for a purpose she had never imagined

  • S01E11 The Visit

    • April 30, 1976
    • CBS

    While Sara is facing an onslaught of discouraging problems with her students, her living arrangements and the School Board, her brother arrives from Philadelphia to make an offer which tempts her to return East with him.

  • S01E12 Grandpa's Girl

    • May 7, 1976
    • CBS

    Following the death of an old prospector, Sara discovers that he has left her half of his "gold" mine, and his feisty, 14-year-old granddaughter.