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Season 1

  • S01E01 Beyond

    • April 9, 1955

    The pilot of an experimental fighter jet passes mach 2 and then sees a UFO, off his wing, matching his speed. He believes that the craft will collide with his jet, so he ejects. Later, he tries to convince the authorities that he wasn't imagining it. They finally convince him that what he saw was simply his own pen, floating in free-fall. However, after the jet's wreckage has been retrieved, even the authorities know that the pen explanation is wrong, and that there was probably a real UFO.

  • S01E02 Time Is Just a Place

    • April 16, 1955

    A man discovers that his next door neighbors are fugitives from the future.

  • S01E03 Out of Nowhere

    • April 23, 1955

    When Dr. Osbourne discovers bats crashing into the sides of buildings, he figures out that a radar disrupting device is being used by enemy agents.

  • S01E04 Y.O.R.D.

    • April 30, 1955

    An alien spaceship is distress is sending an SOS to personnel at an arctic outpost.

  • S01E05 Stranger in the Desert

    • May 7, 1955

    After meeting a radioactive eagle and a disappearing botanist, two prospectors discover a strange energy source in the desert.

  • S01E06 No Food for Thought

    • May 14, 1955

    A synthetic nutrient that prolongs the life span of human beings spawns a deadly virus.

  • S01E07 The Brain of John Emerson

    • May 21, 1955

    A policeman after discovering that his mind contains all the knowledge of a dead scientist decides to continue the scientist's work.

  • S01E08 Spider Inc

    • May 28, 1955

    A giant spider fossil leads a geologist to discover a method of synthesizing petroleum.

  • S01E09 Death at 2 A.M.

    • June 4, 1955

    A scientist uses a strength serum to murder a man who is blackmailing him.

  • S01E10 Conversation With an Ape

    • June 11, 1955

    A telepathic chimp saves a scientist and his wife when they are confronted by a killer.

  • S01E11 Marked Danger

    • June 18, 1955

    A space capsule releases a strange green gas that alters a young woman's metabolism.

  • S01E12 Hour of Nightmare

    • June 25, 1955

    A man and woman discover the dead body of an alien in the desert. They also learn that the strange lights in the Mexican Sky are caused by aliens looking for their fallen comrade.

  • S01E13 One Hundred Years Young

    • July 2, 1955

    After a chemist claims to be 200 years old there is an effort to perfect an immortality serum.

  • S01E14 The Strange Dr. Lorenz

    • July 9, 1955

    A doctor discovers that a honey formula has amazing healing powers.

  • S01E15 The Frozen Sound

    • July 30, 1955

    After a doctor is charge with spying it is learned that a synthetic crystal can record sounds.

  • S01E16 The Stones Began to Move

    • August 6, 1955

    An Egyptologist tries to prove that the pyramids were constructed using levitation.

  • S01E17 The Lost Heartbeat

    • August 13, 1955

    A scientist needs to construct a mechanical heart or his colleague will die.

  • S01E18 The World Below

    • August 27, 1955

    The survivors of a submarine disaster claim that they saw a city on the sea floor. They, however, are ridiculed by investigators.

  • S01E19 Barrier of Silence

    • September 3, 1955

    A U.S. scientist working on a top-secret atomic project disappears from a German city. When he reappears two weeks later, he cannot remember anything about what happened to him. He cannot communicate with those around him and appears to be brainwashed.

  • S01E20 The Negative Man

    • September 10, 1955

    When electrician Vic Murphy is blasted by the electricity of a computer, his intelligence immediately soars beyond genius level and his senses enable him to hear and see things no man has ever before experienced.

  • S01E21 Dead Reckoning

    • September 17, 1955

    On an emergency flight to the Arctic, a pilot runs into a magnetic storm. The crew is forced to use Earth's magnetic fields to escape.

  • S01E22 A Visit from Dr. Pliny

    • September 24, 1955

    A man claiming to be from another planet announces that he has a source of power greater than atomic energy. He claims he has come to share the knowledge, but is regarded as an eccentric crack pot.

  • S01E23 Strange People at Pecos

    • October 1, 1955

    Radar expert Jeff Jamison believes that his neighbors are spies from outer space. He becomes more convinced when the neighbor's little girl appears to be unable to feel pain.

  • S01E24 Dead Storage

    • October 8, 1955

    A baby woolly mammoth is brought to life after being frozen in the Arctic for a half million years. Scientists attempt to discover a means of sustaining its life.

  • S01E25 The Human Equation

    • October 15, 1955

    A doctor discovers that brutal murders are being caused by fumes from a wheat fungus experiment that produces violent side effects.

  • S01E26 Target: Hurricane

    • October 22, 1955

    When a meteor's plunge into the ocean causes a hurricane that sweeps toward Florida, a meteorologist desperately searches for his son.

  • S01E27 Water Maker

    • October 29, 1955

    A scientist is comes to the desert laboratory of a dead scientist in order to evaluate the scientist's plans to create water in the arid areas of the earth.

  • S01E28 The Unexplored

    • November 5, 1955

    A woman's telepathic abilities lead her and her husband to a missing biologist.

  • S01E29 The Hastings Secret

    • November 12, 1955

    A scientist is killed by deadly termites in the jungles of Peru. A young couple attempt to complete his experiments on termites that can eat through solid rock.

  • S01E30 Postcard from Barcelona

    • November 19, 1955

    A dead scientist's papers reveal that he had made a deal with aliens to help mankind's progress in science.

  • S01E31 Friend of a Raven

    • November 26, 1955

    A social worker tries to help a deaf-mute boy who can apparantly communicate with animals. When the boy's hearing and speech are restored, he rebels.

  • S01E32 Beyond Return

    • December 3, 1955

    A serum cures a dying woman but turns her into a killer who can change her physical appearance at will.

  • S01E33 Before the Beginning

    • December 10, 1955

    Biophysicist Dr. Ken Donaldson uses a photon gun to cure his wife of a mysterious disease.

  • S01E34 The Long Day

    • December 17, 1955

    An experimental rocket creates artificial daylight at night and causes trouble for an ex-con.

  • S01E35 Project 44

    • December 24, 1955

    After a crew is chosen for the first flight to Mars trouble arises when the project is continually sabotaged by an astronaut.

  • S01E36 Are We Invaded?

    • December 31, 1955

    A student tries to prove that flying saucers exist. His evidence is debunked until he turns up a photograph that could only have been taken from a distant point in the universe.

  • S01E37 Sound of Murder

    • January 7, 1956

    Dr. Tom Matthews uses his scientific knowledge to battle a false charge of murder. The problem is the case against Matthews is strong because Matthews's voice has been identified in compromising situations.

  • S01E38 Operation Flypaper

    • January 14, 1956

    A thief uses a sonic paralyzer to freeze people while he steals scientific secrets.

  • S01E39 The Other Side of the Moon

    • January 28, 1956

    A scientist believes that the moon is being used as a nuclear waste dumping ground by creatures from other worlds.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Signals From the Heart

    • April 7, 1956

    A policeman who wears an electronic heart transmitter has a heart attack and is searched for by doctors and his fellow police.

  • S02E02 The Long Sleep

    • April 14, 1956

    A scientist is forced to put a dying young boy into deep freeze by a desperate father.

  • S02E03 Who Is This Man?

    • April 21, 1956

    A hypnosis experiment goes wrong when a man adopts the personality of a murderer who was hanged in 1882.

  • S02E04 The Green Bomb

    • April 28, 1956

    A scientist uses stolen material to build an atomic bomb in his house.

  • S02E05 When a Camera Fails

    • May 5, 1956

    A doctor is suspected of insanity when he claims that he can see perfectly preserved images from the past by using special eyeglasses.

  • S02E06 Bullet Proof

    • May 12, 1956

    A bank robber uses a resistant metal left behind by an alien spaceship as a shield.

  • S02E07 The Flicker

    • May 19, 1956

    Two police inspectors attempt to prove that a man was killed because of the hypnotic effect caused by a movie screen Flicker.

  • S02E08 The Unguided Missile

    • May 26, 1956

    A young woman becomes a national security risk when her ESP abilities pick up top-secret defense formulas.

  • S02E09 The Mind Machine

    • June 23, 1956

    A dying scientist transmits his knowledge through a brain-transmitting machine.

  • S02E10 The Missing Waveband

    • June 16, 1956

    A scientist receives scientific information from a prisoner on a totalitarian world millions of light years away.

  • S02E11 The Human Experiment

    • June 23, 1956

    A scientist develops a powerful serum and experiments with it at her country home. The serum transforms her subjects into superbeings who take her prisoner.

  • S02E12 The Man Who Didn't Know

    • June 30, 1956

    After a plane crash, a jet pilot recovers with no memories of his recent past. He is unaware that he has been implanted with an enemy spying device.

  • S02E13 End of Tomorrow

    • July 7, 1956

    A scientist defects to the west and claims to have a serum that will destroy all viruses. A doctor, however, believes the serum to be a weapon that is designed to cause mass sterility.

  • S02E14 The Phantom Car

    • July 21, 1956

    A sheriff and a geologist join forces to stop the rampage of a radio controlled car.

  • S02E15 Beam of Fire

    • July 28, 1956

    After top scientists are killed by an alien beam, a scientist discovers that space scouts are trying to stop mankind's progress into space.

  • S02E16 The Legend of Crater Mountain

    • August 18, 1956

    A small town Arizona teacher discovers that some of her students have telepathic powers.

  • S02E17 Living Lights

    • August 25, 1956

    A scientist creates the atmosphere of Venus in a bell-jar to prove that life can exist there. He, however, doesn't anticipate the strange creatures of floating light that appear in, and then escape from, his bell-jar.

  • S02E18 Jupitron

    • September 15, 1956

    A man and woman are transported to a moon of Jupiter where a long missing scientist gives then a formula for creating synthetic food.

  • S02E19 The Throwback

    • September 22, 1956

    A biologist believes that he can predict people's lives by studying their ancestors.

  • S02E20 The Miracle of Dr. Dove

    • September 29, 1956

    Investigators try to locate three vanished nutrition experts who may have found the key to longer life.

  • S02E21 One Thousand Eyes

    • October 6, 1956

    After a scientist is murdered and the main suspect dies, a police scientist reconstructs the crime with a revolutionary camera.

  • S02E22 Brain Unlimited

    • October 13, 1956

    While testing an anti-black-out serum a pilot is forced to eject. He later tries to reconstruct the event by speeding up his brain.

  • S02E23 Death at My Fingertips

    • October 20, 1956

    A student is framed for murder by someone forging fingerprint evidence. It is later discovered that the real killer knows how to transfer finger prints through plastic skin grafts.

  • S02E24 Survival in Box Canyon

    • November 3, 1956

    A rescue operation tries to locate a pilot whose plane crashed in an atomic bonb testing area.

  • S02E25 The Voice

    • November 10, 1956

    A ESP skeptic discovers evidence that may save the life of a man sentenced to death. When his plane crashes, the skeptic is forced to us ESP to transmit the crucial evidence to prison authorities.

  • S02E26 Three Minute Mile

    • November 17, 1956

    A football star is given a serum that increases his strength.

  • S02E27 The Last Barrier

    • November 24, 1956

    In a secret test the US launches a rocket to photograph the moon. In order to maintain security the government plants a story that the rocket is actually a flying saucer. Reports come in, however, that lead them to believe that there are flying saucers out there.

  • S02E28 Signals from the Moon

    • December 1, 1956

    A diplomat from an eastern country must undergo a delicate operation involving bouncing a video signal off the moon after he is injured by an assassin's bullet.

  • S02E29 Dr. Robot

    • December 8, 1956

    A digital computing machine designed to translate human languages appears to have been tampered with. An investigation reveals, however, that a staff member has been secretly using the computer to evaluate medical alternatives for his critically ill wife.

  • S02E30 The Human Circuit

    • December 15, 1956

    A rescue operation is mounted when a dancer's clairvoyant vision of a stranded pilot is electronically reproduced.

  • S02E31 The Miracle Hour

    • December 22, 1956

    A boy blinded in an automobile accident is treated by a doctor using a new technique involving lights.

  • S02E32 Sun Gold

    • December 29, 1956

    Evidence of a 2,000 year old nuclear explosion is uncovered in the Peruvian Andes. Explorers go there and discover the skeleton of a ""visitor from the sky"" who provided the Incas with incredible secrets including the ability to harness the power of sunlight.

  • S02E33 Facsimile

    • January 5, 1957

    Three top scientists fall victim to a mysterious disease. An investigation reveals that the lab they worked in has been picking up and amplifying pain impulses from a hospital across town.

  • S02E34 Killer Tree

    • January 12, 1957

    A scientist investigates a tree with an ancient reputation of breathing death. He discovers that the area surrounding the tree releases a colorless, odorless, and deadly gas.

  • S02E35 Gravity Zero

    • January 19, 1957

    Two scientists who are about to lose their jobs, astound the world with a process that neutralizes gravity.

  • S02E36 The Magic Suitcase

    • January 26, 1957

    A young boy and his grandfather find a mysterious suitcase that appears to be a power plant capable of producing an unlimited amount of energy.

  • S02E37 Bolt of Lightning

    • February 2, 1957

    An investigation reveals that a scientist died and his entire building was destroyed when he tried to build a flying saucer.

  • S02E38 The Strange Lodger

    • February 9, 1957

    A strange man sends signals to a bright light 1,000 miles away. Before authorities can grab him, he disappears.

  • S02E39 The Sound That Kills

    • April 6, 1957

    A scientist must clear his name when he is accused of murdering someone with an ultrasonic weapon he has created.