Jerry has an encounter with an Exacto knife and ends up having an infusion of 3 pints of Kramer's blood infused into him because Kramer decided to store his blood. Jerry's parents buy him sessions with personal trainer, Izzy, who's going to help him work off his spare tire because they are concerned with his lack of exercise. George decides that adding television and food to his equation will make sex even better. Elaine visits her friend Vivian and is disappointed when Vivian implies that she isn't responsible enough to watch her son Jimmy, so she works overtime to prove how responsible she is.

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  • Episode Number 4
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Thursday, October 16, 1997
  • Production Code 904
  • Directors Andy Ackerman
  • Writers Daniel O'Keefe
  • Guest Stars Wayne Knight, Barney Martin, Liz Sheridan, Kellie Waymire, Audrey Kissel, Colton James, Gene Dynarski, Yvonne Farrow, Lloyd Bridges
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  • IMDB tt0697658
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