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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Under the Cherry Blossom Trees, Once Again / The Sleepy Season, Slip / A Wolf Pretends 01/04/2014
2 I Was Watching Over Hagimura Suzu / Ousai & Eiyou Have Another Mixer! / Always Have Tissues Ready for Your Check-up 01/11/2014
3 The Three-Day Vice President / Beautiful Lady 01/18/2014
4 Emphasis Point Point Point / Moe-tail / Always Peeled Back at Groundbreaking Levels 01/25/2014
5 Support Style / Pitching a Tent After the Deed / Fighting Girls 02/01/2014
6 Student Council President: The Idol / Attack Item Throb 02/08/2014
7 I Said Something Good / The Ones Who Make You, You / Yep, It Came Out 02/15/2014
8 Play with Water and Get Soaked / All-purpose Wing / Summer Night, Summer Morning 02/22/2014
9 Hata Ranko Does It! / Female Alumni are Super Awesome / Got the Wrong Idea 03/01/2014
10 The Tsuda Mushroom was as Expected / Feathers Fly / What it Feels Like to be a Pumpkin 03/08/2014
11 A Pure Reaction to a Double Entendre / That Happens in Some Countries / Play With the Snow, Santa's Heirs! 03/15/2014
12 It's Happy New Year / What It Takes to Stand Above Someone / Virgin / I Can't Believe You're Washing That 03/22/2014
13 How to Talk About Love Properly / Long Range Attack / Hair Showing / Cherry Blossom Sky 03/29/2014


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