Big Bird is having a nest sale on Sesame Street! He wants to sell all of his old, unwanted toys to someone who will play with them. Big Bird appoints Snuffy to be his Assistant Nest Sale Snuffleupagus. Big Bird goes to pick up some of his old toys and accidentally knocks his teddy bear, Radar, into the nest. Later, when The Count buys all the toys inside of Big Bird's nest, he also buys Radar. When Big Bird goes to look for his beloved teddy bear, he and Snuffy realize what happened. They find The Count and he tells them that he gave Radar to a monster for his teddy bear collection. He doesn't know the monster's name, but he tells them what he looks like. Based on the description Big Bird and Snuffy set out to find the right monster. Will they get Radar back? Tune in to find out! Brought to you By: Q & 19 Educational Goal: Cognitive Reasoning Word on the street: Curly Something that is twisting and wavy, such as hair or ribbon.

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