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Season 1

  • S01E01 Forbidden Cargo

    Two gun runners, Gunther and Tinkler, are providing rifles to Tanyika, the Asian leader of the Murani tribe so that he can fulfil his aspirations of becoming leader of all of the Masai lands. Sheena discovers a sick Murani warrior who has escaped from their camp and she sends Chim to summon Dr Carr and Bob. The doctor diagnoses typhoid and leaves to work on a vaccine while Sheena and Bob track the source of the infection. When Bob and Sheena question Gunther he claims to be a trader. They become suspicious when Chim discovers boxes of rifles while Gunther is checking on Tinkler, who has become ill. Bob and Sheena observe the camp from a nearby tree but Bob sprains an ankle when a branch breaks. They are captured and put into a tent with Tinkler, who frees them in exchange for a promise of medical aid. Tinkler lures Gunther into the tent and he is captured by Bob and Sheena (below). Bob shoots Tanyika with Gunther's pistol and the Murani disperse without a leader. Dr Carr vaccinates Bob and Sheena and peace is restored to the jungle.

  • S01E02 The Renegades

    Bob is guiding a mine's security officer, Logan (right), in pursuit of two diamond thieves, Brunner and Keegle, who have stolen a bag of uncut diamonds. The thieves agree to supply rifles to the savage Kitari tribe in exchange for protection in their domain and Sheena agrees to help Bob track them into the Katari lands. Brunner knocks Keegle unconscious in an argument over Keegle's share of the diamonds and then he and Karoo, the Kitari chief, race to the village to set a trap for their pursuers. Brunner hides the bag of diamonds inside the mouth of a carved idol and Sheena and Bob are captured when they arrive at the village. Logan discloses he is Brunner's accomplice and when they realise Chim has taken the bag of diamonds Logan forces Sheena to go into the jungle to retrieve them, using Bob as a hostage. Brunner, becoming worried, races into the jungle and finds Chim, but he is shot by Logan, who has followed him. Karoo then shoots Logan. Sheena and Bob find that Chim has emptied the pouch of diamonds and they decide that the diamonds are better off lost in the jungle.

  • S01E03 The Sacred River

    • October 12, 1955

    Pepe Da Vega, a spoilt and headstrong playboy, accompanies Bob on a mission to persuade the belligerent Chipala tribe to allow neighbouring tribes to use their sacred river to transport their trade goods. After seeing Sheena Pepe wants to exploit her and in the ensuing argument Bob is knocked unconscious. Pepe follows Sheena into the jungle alone and when he stops to cool off in the river for a swim Sheena is forced to rescue him from a crocodile (right). The Chipalas find them standing in the river and decide to sacrifice them by drowning but Bob rescues them. An unseen warrior strikes Bob with a branch, but Sheena, whose bonds have been cut, manages to escape. She returns to rescue Bob and Pepe who the Chipalas have now chosen to sacrifice. She frees them unnoticed and then directs them to go to the Chipala village. Sheena then appears and persuades Bashi, the Chief, that the river has spared these two good men. Bashi is convinced and he also agrees to let the other tribes use the river. Pepe is apologetic for all of the trouble he has caused and appears to have matured and learnt to appreciate Africa and her people.

  • S01E04 Forbidden Land

    Bob guides an elderly film maker named Phillip Sargent (far left) into the jungle to attempt to photograph the elusive and inhospitable Nakuru tribe because he has long harboured a wish to do so. His is accompanied by his demanding and haughty daughter-in-law, Myra, who is also recently widowed (centre). Myra and Sargent's sleazy secretary, Charles Kevin (second from left), conspire to kill sargent so that Myra can inherit his fortune. Sheena guides the party into Nakuru country and Sargent gets the footage he is after. Kevin commits the murder using a blow gun he has stolen in an attempt to incriminate the Nakurus by suggesting robbery. The framed man is tied to a stake and subjected to the trial by fire but Bob proves that Kevin is the killer when he finds him with a blow pipe before the flames can reach the innocent man. Myra and Kevin flee into the jungle, shooting natives as they go. Sheena pursues the killers, saves the chief's life, and Kevin is killed by a poison dart from a native's blow gun. Bob takes Myra back to Mombassa to stand trial and peace is restored to Sheena's jungle.

  • S01E05 The Test

    • October 24, 1955

    An animal trapper named Dakin, who Bob is guiding, has a confrontation with Sheena when she catches him hunting protected okapis (right). He then offends her even more by offering to buy Chim from her and consoles her by giving her a beaded necklace. Dakin's men lure Sheena away from her hut so they can catch Chim in a net. Bob and Sheena chase Dakin and his men across country, but before they catch him Dakin meets the Tobwana tribe, friends of Sheena's. Dakin tells their chief, Lubana, that Sheena sold Chim to him for a beaded necklace and that she also offered to sell him Itaba, the tribe's sacred white hippo. When Sheena arrives wearing Dakin's necklace Lubana believes Dakin's story and Sheena is captured. Bob is also captured because Lubana thinks he is involved in Sheena's scheme. Chim escapes from Dakin and goes straight to Sheena, but when Dakin arrives he insists he bought Chim honestly. The Tobwanas force Sheena and Dakin to drink a poison brew that they say wil reveal which of them is lying. Sheena bravely passes the test but Dakin loses his nerve and reveals his real intentions. Bob takes him to the District Commissioner for punishment.

  • S01E06 Trade of the Killer

    • November 14, 1955

    Sheena outwits a scheming thug who tries to force the sale of the jungle trading post by turning the native customers against its kindly old owner, who he eventually murders.

  • S01E07 The Ganyika Kid

    Bob is guiding a bombastic fight promoter, Rowdy Regan (right), to the village of the Ganyikas because he is looking for a new prize fighter to replace his previous champion, Tomanda, who was once a Ganyika chief. When they reach the village they are surprised to find Tomando (below right) has followed them to kill Regan for robbing and mistreating him. Kawula, the tribe's strong leader (below left) protects Regan, so Tomando challenges him to a fight for leadership. They fight savagely and Tomando emerges the victor, by using a dirty trick. Bob intervenes when Tomado tries to kill Regan, and he is ordered to leave the village. Sheena outsmarts Tomando by challenging him to let her take Regan into the jungle so that the new chief can prove his worth by hunting them. She hides Bob and Regan in the jungle and then puts Regan's shoes on Chim to create a false trail. When Tomando learns he has been tricked he tries to kill Sheena but she confronts him and he breaks down, realising that he is no longer the noble chief he once was. The Ganyikas offer to teach him their ways and Bob arranges for the US courts to decide about the money owed to Tomando.

  • S01E08 The Mark of the Giants

    • November 11, 1955

    Sheena learns that a rogue hunter has been hired by a man and his prim sister to lead them on on a big game hunting party, despite the fact that the man is going blind from the blow of a buffalo horn.

  • S01E09 Curse of the Voodoo

    • September 14, 1955

    Chuck Davis, an Impetuous wildlife photographer who Bob is guiding, impresses Sheena by taking a Polaroid photograph of her (right). When he expresses a desire to photograph the Wasahili voodoo rites she agrees to help him. When Sheena visits their village to negotiate permission for Chuck to visit she discovers they are in the middle of a voodoo ceremony. Sheena rescues one of the victims (below) and then races back to warn Bob that the Wasahili have declared a voodoo war. Chuck ignores Bob's advice and sneaks away from camp during the night and is soon captured by the Wasahilis. Bob and Sheena are captured when they attempt to rescue Chuck and Sheena is tied up and kept captive in a hut. Tamaru, the tribe's witchdoctor, attempts to puts a curse on Bob and Chuck but Chim loosens Sheena's bonds and she escapes. She recovers Chuck's polaroid camera and then stops the voodoo rites before Bob and Chuck are harmed. Tamaru dies when one of Sheena's arrows spills a skin-penetrating poison over his torso. Manika, the chief is halted in his tracks when Sheena produces a Polaroid photo of him, proving that her magic is stronger than his.

  • S01E10 The Elephant God

    Bob guides a young woman, Virginia Clay, into the jungle in search of the site where her parents plane crashed many years before. Her crabby uncle, Roger, doubts her story of being raised by a tribe but she remembers a waterfall and a herd of elephants, especially a bull with only one tusk. She also has a doll given to her by the tribe, which Sheena identifies as being from the Masai. This leads Bob to believe that the waterfall must be the Kitmantu Falls. When they meet some Masai warriors they realise that the tribe holds the one-tusked elephant sacred and not to be seen by white people. Jungle drums soon announce that the safari have come to kill the elephant with one tusk warriors are soon tracking the safari. Sheena splits the group to be harder to track and takes the Masai doll and Roger, but Bob and Virginia are soon captured. They are about to be killed when Sheena takes the chief hostage with her knife and shows him Virginia's doll. He realises she is the little girl from long-ago and frees the captives. Roger now accepts Virginia and they return to London a closer family.

  • S01E11 Jungle Manhunt

    • November 22, 1955

    An outlaw's teenage daughter runs into the jungle after her father is killed during a robbery. Sheena finds the defiant girl, who is injured, and tries to help her and teach her a lesson. Bob tells Sheena that the girls uncle has escaped arrest and is looking for her.

  • S01E12 The Leopard Men

    Sheena clashes with Helfer, a surly and belligerent prospector, who Bob is helping in his search for precious minerals (right). They are both captured in a fight with the The Leopard Men, a violent cult that has been terrorising the local tribes and forcing the local inhabitants to abandon their land. Helfer explains to them that he brought The Leopard men to the region because he wants to take over the uranium mine of Carver, a local miner and friend of Sheena's (below). He plans to sell the uaranium to a hostile foreign power. Helfer plans to use Bob and Sheena as hostages in case Carver decides to fight back. Chim alerts Carver that Sheena and Bob are in danger and he rallies his men to rescue them. Helfer keeps Carver at bay with threats to shoot both Bob and Sheena but Chim loosens their bonds while Helfer is busy talking. They jump Helfer and fight off his men, allowing Carver and his men to charge Helfer's camp. Helfer escapes, but Sheena follows him to the river through the trees and knocks him into the river where he is devoured by crocodiles. The tribes can now live in peace again.

  • S01E13 Perilous Journey

    Bob and Sheena try to help the chief of the Kikuyu tribe who has found his village burned and the women and children taken by Mau Mau warriors. Also missing are his own wife and son, and he insists on following the raiding party alone. He is captured by the Mau Mau and forced to become a spy for them or they will kill his family.

  • S01E14 Eyes of the Idol

    Evans, who runs the local trading post, tells Bob that recently the Nokobo tribe have ceased trading and have begun stealing from him. Sheena investigates and learns that the tribe have begun worshipping an unusual idol that has bright eyes and makes loud noises. Bob is certain it is a stolen government jeep. Rhazli, Bob's loyal bearer from the war, wanders into Bob's camp and Sheena is immediately suspicious of his smiling manner (right). He claims to be on good terms with the Nokobos and takes them to the village, where he claims the new witchdoctor, speaking unseen from inside a hut, has offered to sell Bob the jeep for $200. That night Bob is captured by Nokobo warriors and is sacrificed by being exposed to the poisonous exhaust fumes of the jeep, which is decorated like a large idol. Bob falls unconscious but Sheena frees him. Sheena is also captured but Bob revives and drives the jeep off it's stand and crashes into the witchdoctor's hut. The unmasked witchdoctor is Rhazli, Bob recovers Mr Evans' stolen money, and Bob takes Rhazli to the police.

  • S01E15 Jungle Pursuit

    Mantu, the son and heir of Kimo, the recently deceased chief of the Askari tribe, has been wrongly accused of murder in Nairobi by Chester, a crooked tax collector (second from left). Chester has stolen the Askari's tax payment that Mantu was delivering to Nairobi and has conspired with Garth, the warden of the local prison camp (far left), to keep Mantu silent by incarcerating him. When Mantu escapes Sheena and Bob become concerned at his pursuers overly keen enthusiasm to kill Mantu (right). When Mantu is wounded in the chase Sheena cares for him at her hut and learns that Mantu has never been before a judge (below). She sends a talking drum message to fetch the Commissioner from Nairobi and stalls Chester and Garth with a vain chase through the jungle. When the drums tell her the Commissioner has arrived she leads them back to her camp. Garth and Chester become suspicious and in the struggle Bob is knocked unconscious, Mantu shoots Chester and Garth flees into the jungle. Sheena follows through the trees, captures him and turns him over to the Commissioner. Mantu is made the new chief of the tribe.

  • S01E16 The Lash

    Bull Kendall, a professional thug and murderer, forces Bob into leading him and his mild-mannered wife, Helen, into the country of the Ninomo tribe. The Ninomos are reputed to have a large store of the valuable musk of the civet, a key ingredient in expensive perfume, and Kendall is keen to get his hands on it. On route they pass through the village of the Wajina tribe and Kendall releases four criminals being held captive there. One of them, Rafik, a murderer, offers to lead them to the Ninomos. Bob and his bearers are tied up and left behind but Sheena frees them. At the Ninomo village, Lagi, the chief, is knocked unconscious and kidnapped by Kendall and Rafik so that they can extract the secret of the Ninomo treasure. Sheena races to the Ninomo village and discovers Lagi is missing and follows them to the river where Kendall is interrogating Lagi about the treasure. Sheena intervenes, disarms Kendall by grabbing his whip and manages to keep him at bay with his own whip. Kendall lunges for Sheena and misses, falling into the crocodile-infested water. Helen is now free of her husband's tyranny.

  • S01E17 Land of the Rogue

    Bull Kendall, who has survived an attack by crocodiles, rescues Rafik from his Ninomo guards and together they decide to continue their quest for the valuable musk treasure of the Ninomos. Helen, Kendall's wife, now works at Mr Evans' trading post, and they have begun to become fond of each other. Commissioner Farnham alerts Bob, Evans and Sheena that there have been reports of a giant white man hiding out in the jungle and tells them to be on their guard (right). Sheena leaves immediately to investigate. Rafik suggests a plan to uncover the Ninomos' hidden treasure. An old prophecy claims the village will be abandoned when the animals go mad, so Rafik and Kendall begin shooting and wounding animals randomly to create a frenzied stampede. When Lagi, the Ninomo chief, digs up the pots of musk Rafik and Kendall drive the warriors away with gunfire and steal the treasure. They soon begin to argue about their share of the treasure and Sheena adds to their suspicion of each other by getting Chim to switch the pots while they are sleeping. While they are arguing Bob and Farnham arrive and take them into custody (below). Once again Helen is free of Bull.

  • S01E18 The Rival Queen

    Bull Kendall and his accomplice, Rafik, team up with an ex-vaudeville magician named Turpin in a Tanganyikan prison camp. All three escape in a truck loaded with bags of lime and they decide to continue their quest for the musk of the Ninomos. They concoct a plan to create a tribal war between the Ninomos and their friendly neighbours, the Wajinas. They use Turpin's hynotism to transform Kendall's wife, Helen, into Mazuma, Queen of the Spirit World. They then and send her to the Wajina village to announce that the Ninomos plan to use magic to create a famine by killing all of the fish in the river where the Wajinas live. They capture Chim and use him to lure Sheena into a trap and then use her to haul the bags of lime to the river to pison the river (right). Sheena escapes by diving into the river but the Wajina chief is convinced when he learns that all of the fish in the river are dead. Warriors from both tribes begin to assemble for warfare but Sheena swings in on a vine and knocks out Turpin, breaking the hypnotic spell he has over Helen. Kendall returns to prison and peace is restored.

  • S01E19 Fair Stranger

    Diane Russell, the sister-in-law of Colonel Deveridge, a widowed plantation owner, wants to take over Deveridge's plantation and begins by trying to kill his son, David. She abandons him in the jungle after a picnic but Sheena rescues him from a lion and takes him back to the plantation (right). Sheena takes an immediate dislike to Diane and begins watching her movements. Diane devises another plan and begins fomenting unrest amongst the local natives. Diane's housekeeper, Nivita, is betrothed to the local chief, Mengai. Diane suggests that Nivita point out to Mengai that the plantation is on native land and that Colonel Deveridge is exploiting the natives, making them work the land he has taken from them for his own financial gain. Sheena overhears the conversation through the window and alerts Bob and Deveridge. Mengai incites the warriors to attack Deveridge's bungalow but Sheena slows the warriors assault by setting up a vine trap across the trail. Bob arrives at the plantation and calms the warriors by pointing out that Diane Russell had instigated the trouble to take over the plantation. He explains that once Deveridge and David were dead Mengai would be be imprisoned and she would be in charge. Deveridge offers to return the land but the natives feel they are better off under the colonial system.

  • S01E20 Cry Wolf

    Roani, an imaginative little native girl with a reputation for concocting stories, skips school to be with Sheena, her idol. She pretend to be a lost orphan but Sheena learns the truth she asks Bob and his client, Gonzales, to take her back to the mission. There the girl learns that Gonzales plans to murder a kindly priest but no one believes her because she tells so many stories. She helps Sheena foil the plan and save the priest's life.

  • S01E21 Crash in the Jungle

    When the plane of Andy Howard, the local bush pilot, crashes in the jungle Sheena rescues him and takes him to her hut. Bob, who has been waiting for Andy in Mombassa, makes friends with Clare Graham, a flirtatious film maker who is also waiting for Andy because he was delivering her film containing rare and valuable footage of the Naivashi tribe. Woods, the local insurance broker, asks Bob to investigate the crash site for him and to write a report. Andy is certain the plane was sabotaged and when Bob conveys this to Clare she laughs it off (right). The film has been completely destroyed but Bob is unable to find any bomb fragments at the crash site. Duval and Frenchie, Clare's associates, find and remove the incriminating evidence because Duval is the main beneficiary of the $100,000 insurance money. When Bob and Andy explain this situation to Sheena she sets out to prove Clare could not have filmed the Naivashi's because they are so secretive. On returning to Mombassa Sheena tricks Clare into performing a Naivashi dance and then reveals that dancing is taboo to the tribe. Clare, who has become fond of Bob, confesses and Duval and Frenchie try to escape in a gun fight, but Sheena captures them and brings the schemers to justice (below).

  • S01E22 Hot Treasure

    The chief of the local village asks for Sheena's help because one of the members of the tribe has been murdered, a very rare occurence in their society. Bob is also robbed and captured while bringing a radium shipment through the jungle. Sheena discovers there is a link to the murder of the local tribesman and cleverly traps the crooks and and recovers the radium.

  • S01E23 The Magic Bag

    Bob's agrees to take Nugu, a distressed teenage boy, with him on a photography assignment into the dangerous Nagambo country because the boy's home is near his destination. On route Bob's safari meet a lone unarmed Swiss doctor, Dr Becker, who is searching for the secret of the miraculous boka drug (right). Becker becomes highly excited when he learns that Nugu knows all about boka. Nugu is injured by a charging rhino but Dr Becker revives him quickly with an injection of adreneline. When Becker's bag goes missing Sheena goes after Nugu and and learns he only wanted to learn the white man's magic that cured him (below). Nugu, Chim and the bearers mysteriously disappear overnight and Sheena, Bob and Becker are captured by Nagambo warriors. The Nagambo emperor wants to know where his son is but they are unable to answer. The emperor is about to execute them all when Nugu arrives and tells his father that Becker saved his life. The emperor and Becker exchange information about boka and western medicine and they are accepted by the Nagambos.

  • S01E24 Devil's Mountain

    A group of unscrupulous renegades steal a sacred relic which they use to enslave the entire village. The tribe believe that the relic possesses great power and they they must follow the orders of whoever is in possession of the relic or a horrible fate will come from their disobedience. The thieves exploit this superstition to force the natives to mine rubies located in a live volcano.

  • S01E25 Secret of the Temple

    Sheena and Bob must rush to help save the life of Dr Mitchell Heller (below left) whose life is in danger from Eddie Lewis, a treacherous safari guide (below centre). Sylvia, Heller's daughter (right), tells them that her father is attempting to reach the Temple of the Elders because he has become obsessed with finding a drug to prolong life. She also says Lewis stands to collect a large amount of money, even if Heller dies during the expedition. Sheena protects Heller from Lewis but Lewis forces her to lead them to the temple by threatening to shoot Chim. Sheena leaves a trail for Bob to follow but when they reach the temple Sheena, Lewis and Heller are all taken captive. The 300-year-old Ancient One condemns them to imbibe the youth potion which is a deadly poison to anyone who has not taken it daily since childhood. Bob arrives and points out Heller is a good man with an unhealthy obsession and that Lewis forced Sheena to guide them to the temple. Lewis grabs Bob's rifle, steals the Ancient One's potion but he is killed by a guard's spear. Heller realises that the value of life lies in it's quality and is reunited with Sylvia.

  • S01E26 Touch of Death

    • October 5, 1955

    Goma, the Winuza witchdoctor, overhears Bob blame himself for having "the touch of death" after two ivory poachers that he and Sheena were tracking are killed by a lion. Goma conveys Bob's statement to Krenshaw, a shady character who is orchestrating the ivory poaching (right), and when Sheena and Bob arrive at the village Goma accuses Bob of being responsible for the sleeping sickness that has stricken the son of Tago the chief, Zabim. The entire village believe that Bob has the Touch of Death and Sheena and Bob must evacuate quickly. Bob is captured in a trap set for him by Goma and Krenshaw and Sheena discovers that Chim has fallen asleep after eating some of the pills from Krenshaw's bag. Sheena returns to the village as Bob is about to be sacrificed and convinces Tago that Krenshaw has been drugging Zabim (below). A struggle ensues and Goma is accidently shot by Krenshaw and as he dies he blames Krenshaw for Zabim's condition. Krenshaw is captured as he escapes, Sheena manages to revive Zabim with jungle medicine, and Tago promises to halt the ivory poaching.