Thirty thousand billion trillion years in the future. The universe is now a corrupted and hellish place. The mutated spawn of a million alien species have consumed all that was once good. Now, in a world where the werewolf lords of Karmaggis battle the androids of Sibelius prime, where the mutanoid slavers of Astrogar plunder and the Drakovian rape tribes pillage; heroes are but a lost ideal. Yet in this cosmic hell of metal and magic, of future and fantasy, a new breed of warriors arise. Ruthless and inhumane, restless and unstoppable. They are the only good guys worse than the bad guys. They are Starbarians.

English français
  • Series ID 276508
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired April 15, 2012
  • Networks YouTube
  • Runtimes 4 minutes (3 episodes) 2 minutes (2 episodes) 7 minutes (1 episode) 1 minutes (1 episode)
  • Genres Animation Comedy Fantasy Science Fiction
  • Original Language English
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  • Episode Screenshot Format 16:9 Screencap
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  • Created December 24, 2013 by placheast
  • Modified December 27, 2019 by WWolf

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Absolute ordering places all episodes in a single ordered season. This is generally used for anime.