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Season 1

  • S01E01 Operation Towline

    • September 13, 1958
    • NBC

    Steve is working on a dangerous mission to develop an anti-missile system of towing Convair F-102 jet fighters from a KB-50 tanker.

  • S01E02 Operation Zero Launch

    • September 27, 1958
    • NBC

    Steve is assignes to aid his friend, a test pilot, in a hazardous project to launch F-100 Super Sabres from mobile platforms with boosters.

  • S01E03 Operation Thunderbirds

    • September 20, 1958
    • NBC

    Steve takes charge of re-educating a "hot shot" team of devil-may-care flyboys to basic Air Force principles.

  • S01E04 Project Heartbeat

    • October 4, 1958
    • NBC

    Steve and his friend Major Pitch Hammer prepare for an around the world flight in jet fighters.

  • S01E05 Fear of Flying

    • November 1, 1958
    • NBC

    A much decorated pilot is court martialed for reckless flying and negligence. The Pilot asks for Canyon to defend him.

  • S01E06 Operation Jettison

    • October 11, 1958
    • NBC

    There's king size trouble for Steve when his passengers become hysterical after the plane develops engine trouble.

  • S01E07 Project U.F.O.

    • May 19, 1959
    • NBC

    Steve goes to Altora, Kansas to investigate reports of a flying saucer sighting.

  • S01E08 Pilot Error

    • December 13, 1958
    • NBC

    Canyon investigates a jet crash in which the pilot was killed. The cause appears to be the pilots fault. Urged by the pilots father, Steve investigates further.

  • S01E09 Operation Moby Dick

    • November 8, 1958
    • NBC

    Canyon has to transport the first Atlas missile to Cape Canaveral for launching.

  • S01E10 Operation Survival

    • October 25, 1958
    • NBC

    Canyon is accidentally thrown from a plane while observing a training jump by Air Force paramedics.

  • S01E11 Operation Diplomat

    • December 27, 1958
    • NBC

    While Canyon is transporting an American diplomat from lstanbul to Pakistan, he is forced to land just outside friendly territory.

  • S01E12 Operation Firebee

    • June 2, 1959
    • NBC

    "Little Looey", a firebee guided missile used as a target for Air Force aerial gunnery competition, takes on almost human proportions at Yuma Air Force Base. The maintenance men who service the missile are told that "Little Looey" will be retired with honors if "he" survives 25 missions. Lt. Col. Canyon, engaging in gunnery competition with old Air Force cronies, becomes the key figure in a strange morale problem.

  • S01E13 Operation B-52

    • November 15, 1958
    • NBC

    Canyon and crew attempt to set a new around the world non-stop speed record in a B-52.

  • S01E14 Operation Crash Landing

    • December 6, 1958
    • NBC

    While piloting a B-52 bomber from Brazil to California, one of Canyon's crew becomes ill.

  • S01E15 Operation Mushroom

    • November 29, 1958
    • NBC

    Steve is assigned to pilot the B-52 that drops the first test H-Bomb,

  • S01E16 The Gift

    • December 20, 1958
    • NBC

    ln a displaced persons camp in Germany, Canyon finds a little girl who has never celebrated Christmas.

  • S01E17 Operation Big Thunder

    • January 3, 1959
    • NBC

    Canyon takes command at Big Thunder AFB and has to deal with local citizens who violently refuse to accept the airmen and the base.

  • S01E18 The Search

    • January 15, 1959
    • NBC

    Canyon searches for industrialist Peter Brendan, whose plane has been reported missing by his wife.

  • S01E19 Operation Nose Wheel

    • January 8, 1959
    • NBC

    Steve discovers that his nose wheel is damaged, and he must try to eject his frightened passenger before risking a dangerous crash landing.

  • S01E20 The Prisoner

    • January 22, 1959
    • NBC

    ln New Guinea Steve finds Army dog tags which belonged to a flier listed as missing during WW ll and investigates.

  • S01E21 Operation Souvenir

    • January 29, 1959
    • NBC

    Retuming from Tapei to Big Thunder, Canyon finds that a souvenir he purchased there has placed an Air Force nurse and himself in danger.

  • S01E22 The Fight

    • February 5, 1959
    • NBC

    After a sadistic boxer puts Sgt. Berger in the hospital, Airman Featherstone decides to provoke the fighter into a grudge match.

  • S01E23 The Robbery

    • February 19, 1959
    • NBC

    Canyon and Major Williston are kidnapped by bank robbers.

  • S01E24 Strike Force

    • April 14, 1959
    • NBC

    In this semi-documentary episode Col. Canyon heads up a USAF aerial task force on an around the world mission to attack "enemy forces" in the Cayman Islands.

  • S01E25 Iron Curtain

    • March 5, 1959
    • NBC

    Steve goes to visit a little girl named Lisa, and finds that Red agents have kidnapped her, holding her hostage in exchance for her father Karolyi, a Hungarian underground leader.

  • S01E26 Blackmail

    • February 26, 1959
    • NBC

    When a Big Thunder war bride is slain Steve and Police Chief Hagedorn discover a cruel blackmail plot against the wives who have relatives behind the Iron Curtain. Col. Canyon enlists the services of another war bride to try and smoke out the killer.

  • S01E27 Room 313

    • May 5, 1959
    • NBC

    An East Indian potentate visits the Big Thunder AFB with his wife and retinue. When Major Williston's friend (a visiting newspaperwoman assigned to the story) disappears, the Air Force Officers discover a plot to assassinate the visiting dignitary.

  • S01E28 Operation Intercept

    • March 31, 1959
    • NBC

    A B-47 bomber on a routine flight loses contact with it's base. When the Air Force realizes that the plane is out of control and heading for Russia, they Send Steve Canyon up to investigate and try to stop a potential international incident.

  • S01E29 The Bomb

    • March 12, 1959
    • NBC

    On a practice bombing mission, Canyon has difficulties and is forced to drop a small bomb on a disposal area. The bomb doesn't explode and is picked up by some boys who saw it drop, but don't know the danger they are in.

  • S01E30 The Muller Story

    • April 7, 1959
    • NBC

    There is a question concerning a young lieutenant named Muller at Big Thunder Air Force Base who must choose between loyalty to his country and to his father, who is suspected of being an infamous Nazi war criminal.

  • S01E31 The Trap

    • April 21, 1959
    • NBC

    Major Willie Williston is trapped inside his wrecked airplane. Steve Canyon and his men must free the major from the burning fuselage before the jet explodes.

  • S01E32 The Sergeant

    • March 26, 1959
    • NBC

    Steve steps in when Airman Pete Randall's clashes with a sadistic sergeant imperils his appointment to the Air Force Academy.

  • S01E33 The Korean Story

    • April 28, 1959
    • NBC

    Capt. Dennis Parker flies his F-104 to Big Thunder Air Force Base, arriving in a state of shock and talking about the Korean War. Canyon and flight surgeon Major Richmond try to find out what caused Parker to go into shock.

  • S01E34 Sabotage

    • May 26, 1959
    • NBC

    Canyon investigates when a security officer from the pentagon arrives at Big Thunder AFB to inform him that one of six Chinese jet fighter pilot trainees is a Red Chinese saboteur.

  • S01E35 Operation Towline (Un-aired original pilot version)

    • NBC

    "Steve is assigned to experimental project involving towing Convair F-102 jet fighters from a KB-50 tanker." Features introduction by Milton Caniff and 2 minutes of extended/additional scenes and alternate opening and closing titles