# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Prostitution Behind the Veil 10/26/2006
3 Hollywood and the Holocaust 03/26/2006
4 Before the Flood: Tuvalu 02/21/2006
5 Al Franken: God Spoke 09/13/2006
8 Shakespeare behind Bars 11/02/2006
9 The Russian Newspaper Murders 10/30/2006
10 Philip and His Seven Wives 07/11/2006
90 The House of Chanel: Anticipation 01/25/2006
91 The House of Chanel: Doubts 02/01/2006
92 The House of Chanel: Rituals 02/08/2006
93 The House of Chanel: The All-Night Vigil 02/15/2006
94 The House of Chanel: The Collection 02/22/2006
99 The Smell of Paradise 01/22/2006


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