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Season 2006



  • S2006E01 Prostitution Behind the Veil

    • October 26, 2006
    • 75 minutes
    Prostitution Behind the Veil explores a side of Iran rarely seen or talked about. For over a year, director Nahid Persson filmed the everyday lives of two young female prostitutes in Iran as they eked out a living in a country where the profession is banned. The filmmaker often took great risks to follow Minna and Fariba as they sought out customers-men who would often marry them briefly, so as not to violate the laws of Islam by having extramarital sex. The two women are good friends and neighbor, who have experienced the widespread mistreatment of women and the double standards that permeate Iranian society today.
  • S2006E03 Hollywood and the Holocaust

    • March 26, 2006
    • 75 minutes
    How effectively does Hollywood depict reality? Is it possible to reconcile the demands of popular entertainment with a historical event as sombre as the Holocaust? Daniel Anker's film supplies many questions and some answers. He starts back in the 1930s by showing Hollywood's ham-fisted efforts to chronicle the rise of Nazism. Later, in 1945, a planeload of Hollywood executives were shipped to visit the newly liberated concentration camps. When the rushes were screened in Hollywood, many of them were overcome by what they saw. But, for the next 10 years, Hollywood didn't touch the Holocaust.
  • S2006E04 Before the Flood: Tuvalu

    • February 21, 2006
    • 75 minutes
    Now that global warming is officially acknowledged, the world's eyes are on which country will be the first to sink beneath the waves. A candidate is Tuvalu, an island in the midst of the Pacific and home to 11,000 inhabitants. This tiny island sold its internet domain name, .tv, to a Californian company for $50 million, but now global warming is causing the island to sink. How are they spending the windfall?
  • S2006E05 Al Franken: God Spoke

    • September 13, 2006
    • 75 minutes
    In Al Franken: God Spoke, the makers of The War Room capture the emergence of Al Franken as a political commentator. The film is shot over the course of two years and follows Franken from his highly publicized feud with Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly to his fierce campaign against president George W. Bush during the 2004 election.
  • S2006E08 Shakespeare behind Bars

    • November 2, 2006
    • 75 minutes
    Storyville follows the male inmates of an American prison as they prepare and rehearse a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest.
  • S2006E09 The Russian Newspaper Murders

    • October 30, 2006
    • 75 minutes
    Following the recent murder of Anna Politkovskaya , Storyville follows investigations by human rights lawyer Karen Nersisyan into the murders of six other Russian journalists between 1995 and 2003.
  • S2006E10 Philip and His Seven Wives

    • July 11, 2006
    • 75 minutes
    Marc Isaacs' eye-opening Storyville film explores the life of a Jewish antiques dealer from a small English seaside town who believes it is his Biblical birthright to take as many wives as he chooses. Spending time with the family in Hove, Isaacs tries to understand why the women have chosen to live under the rule of this self-proclaimed Hebrew King. (2006) This documentary is part of Louis Theroux: Docs That Made Me, a collection of his favourite documentaries. As a fan of director Marc Isaacs, whose work Louis describes as 'elegiac and elliptical', this film isn't a straightforward journalistic documentary, but focuses instead on what he calls a 'visual poetry'. The themes of unconventional religious and sexual behaviour seem all the more fascinating for being located in a familiar British setting rather than in America, where documentary viewers are more used to encountering characters with outlandish religious beliefs.
  • S2006E90 The House of Chanel: Anticipation

    • January 25, 2006
    • 75 minutes
  • S2006E91 The House of Chanel: Doubts

    • February 1, 2006
    • 75 minutes
  • S2006E92 The House of Chanel: Rituals

    • February 8, 2006
    • 75 minutes
  • S2006E93 The House of Chanel: The All-Night Vigil

    • February 15, 2006
    • 75 minutes
  • S2006E94 The House of Chanel: The Collection

    • February 22, 2006
    • 75 minutes
  • S2006E99 The Smell of Paradise

    • January 22, 2006
    • 75 minutes
    An Islamic world tour is documented by visits to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnia, and Qatar, the film endeavors to shed light on the process leading young men to the radical choice of self-sacrifice, becoming human bombs.