An alien named Anthro is stealing Earth's electrical power in order to provide power for his planet Traum. The SuperFriends must apprehend this power pirate. Recap: The Troublalert at the Hall of Justice signals two trains are in danger of colliding in California. After Superman saves them, Aquaman must save a powerless ocean liner, Batman and Robin save workers from a crane, and a powerless dam threatens to cause a flood. At a steam power plant, Wendy notices someone named Sir Cedric has a dry umbrella, despite a rain storm. As power crises spread she mentions this to the other Super Friends. They track down the real Sir Cedric in a hospital. He tells them how an alien has taken on his identity. At a new nuclear power plant, the Super Friends capture the alien. The alien explains he was stealing power because his planet had not conserved its energies. Superman thinks of a way to supply the alien's planet with solar energy by polishing a moon.

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  • Originally Aired Saturday, September 8, 1973
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