A man calling himself Professor Baffles is making books and money disappear. When the SuperFriends are called in to investigate, Wendy and Marvin are taken hostage. With the help of Wonder Dog, the Superfriends rescue Wendy and Marvin and foil the blackmailing Professor Baffles. Recap: Batman and Superman tell Marvin to do his schoolwork in the library. At the library Marvin and Wendy meet Professor Mergen, and when Wonder Dog starts sneezing at the smell of almonds, the library's encylopedias disappear. The Justice League is alerted to a threat by a Professor Baffles to make an exhibit of french lithographs disappear. Despite the Super Friends efforts the lithographs do disappear, and next Baffles makes a shipment of money disappear when a ransom is not paid by the government. Wendy has noticed the smell of almonds each time, and Wendy and Marvin end up following Mergen, and find he is Baffles. While been held prisoner by two crooked assistants, Mergen explains he hoped if he used a chemical which destroys almost anything besides glass to make historical items disappear, people would behave better. While the crooked assistants hold Mergen, Wendy, and Marvin, Wonder Dog escapes to warn the Super Friends who are delayed by a series of isolated traps.

  • Episode Number 2
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  • Originally Aired Saturday, September 15, 1973
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