Professor Goodfellow is a computer engineer who builds G.E.E.C. (Goodfellow's Effort Eliminating Computer). He built the computer to eliminate physical labor in the world. When a mouse gets into the computer's hardware, however, the machine malfunctions and plunges the world into chaos. With the help of Plastic Man the Superfriends manage to fix the machine and convince Professor Goodfellow that it should be turned off. Recap: A test pilot finds the plane he is about to test flies off and performs routines by itself. Machinery begins performing without anyone. The Superfriends, accompanied by a government representative, are escorted to Professor Goodfellow's headquarters. He shows a massive computer, the G.E.E.C (Goodfellow Effort Eliminating Computer), which will handle all tasks that human labor currently does. He offers it to the government, but the representative turns him down. So the professor offers it to the public, and soon most people (including Marvin) are using the service, and living sedentary lives. Wendy and the Super Friends remain skeptical about how safe the G.E.E.C is, and how healthy a lifestyle it encourages. The G.E.E.C seems foolproof, until a mouse slips into the system, causing a malfunction. While Superman is busy preventing automated disasters, the heroes warn the professor. To turn off the system requires Superman causing the control satellite to crash into the ocean where Aquaman can disable it, since Goodfellow had included kryptonite to stop Superman from interfering. To get the mouse, Plastic Man is called in, to stretch an arm through an access tube. Thus, the Professor and Marvin learn the risks of a fully automated life.

  • Episode Number 3
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Saturday, September 22, 1973
  • Production Code
  • Directors Charles A. Nichols
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