A scientist plunges parts of the world into a deep freeze by shifting the Gulf Stream to the north. He wants to warm his polar homeland named Glacia. The SuperFriends stop him, but in doing so they manage to bring a little warmth to Glacia. Recap: In Florida, Marvin finds a swimming pool has frozen. The area's climate is changing causing emergencies. Wonder Woman saves a ship from a hurricane, and helps Superman save a vessel from icebergs. While investigating with Batman and Robin, Wendy and Marvin notice a figure who apparently is controlling the weather. The heroes follow in the Batmobile three suspects who escape. Wendy suggests getting information to find a pattern, so the Super Friends collect weather data, and pinpoint the source of the disturbance. While the other Super Friends continue handling emergencies, Batman, Robin, Wendy, and Marvin find a ship near a waterspout, which has a nozzle apparently causing the weather trouble. When Wendy and Marvin accidentally are left on the boat, they are found by the figure they had spotted. He is a scientist. His nozzle will shift the gulf stream so his small nation, Glacia, will no longer be frozen. He moves the boat, so the Super Friends must search again to find it. Aquaman's sea friends help locate it, and the scientist sets the nozzle irretrievably on. Watching Wonder Dog makes Batman think to have Aquaman shift the nozzle to point down, and have Superman push the tubing into the ground. This stops the gulf stream from being shifted. Wonder Woman finds it also has caused the nozzle to drill into a geothermal pocket that can safely warm Glacia.

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  • Episode Number 4
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  • Originally Aired Saturday, September 29, 1973
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