Dr. Simeon Shamon is a scientist who is using magents and lasers to mine for gold from space. Unfortunately, his mining method is creating a dangerous mist which causes plants and animals to change frow and shrink. When Wonder Dog grows to enormous proportions, the SuperFriends decide to stop Shamon. With the help of Shamon's assistant, they manage to force him to stop mining. The SuperFriends, then, focus their attention on cleaning up the atmosphere and curing the plants and animals. Recap: Wendy and Marvin spot a mysterious 'U' shaped device, like a huge magnet, on Mystery Mountain. They tell the Super Friends, and Batman and Robin come to investigate. The magnet and a laser gun are from an underground facility of a Dr. Shamon. Shamon is using the laser to create golden meteors from a cosmic cloud, and the magnet to bring the meteors to his base. Wendy and Marvin manage to meet the doctor and a colleague, Madame LeBon. Madame is worried the process may have unknown effects, and leaves with Wendy and Marvin. Indeed, the process also causes strange gases that settle on animals and plants causing them to alter size. Superman rescues a farm from a giant orange tree; Aquaman saves a sea lab from a giant lobster. Batman and Robin return to find Shamon, and following them are Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog who ends up growing. Shamon agrees to stop when seeing Wonder Dog. Madame LeBon and Wonder Woman confirm the cause of the size changes, and parallel with Wendy, that sunlight will reverse the effects. Superman uses a windmill to blow away the cosmic cloud, and a telescope mirror to beam sunlight over the nightsky.

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  • Episode Number 6
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  • Originally Aired Saturday, October 13, 1973
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