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Season 1

  • S01E01 Street Dogs

    • January 17, 1992

    Detective Nico Bonetti is a New York cop who one day gets transferred to a California beach town, after being in a a shootout that fueled a lot of bad press for the police. Here he must adapt to the way California officers do things. But one of the most shocking things he must stand is his new partner, a drooling bulldog called Tequila. Bonetti cannot hear his partner's musings but viewers can. The first case this offbeat duo must crack has to do with a supposed suicide which all the evidence points to murder. This is the pilot episode for the series.

  • S01E02 Teach Your Children

    • January 24, 1992

    Reverend Pasko, a demented preacher, is released on a technicality after attempting to rape Garcia. The man had been arrested as a suspect in a series of attacks on women in parking lots. Now Pasko has a new target, Garcia's daughter, and Bonetti must be on the lookout.

  • S01E03 The Rose Cadillac

    • January 31, 1992

    Bonetti's 1957 Cadillac gets stolen. Tequila's to blame because he got distracted by a cute poodle.

  • S01E04 Reel Life

    • February 14, 1992

    Bonetti receives with alarm the order of helping Hollywood star Chad Rydell become familiar with a cop's work in preparation for a role. Rydell becomes from now on Nico’s constant companion. Yet the situation becomes dangerous when the star begins to intervene in Bonetti’s latest case and wants to arrest a murderer by his own means.

  • S01E05 Runt of the Litter

    • February 21, 1992

    Bonetti experiences something odd: while he and Tequila are on the beach carrying out an arrest, a small girl appears in the distance. Tequila barely sees the girl, and begins to run hastily towards her. Bonetti is amazed. He can't guess that Tequila has found again his earlier owner, Casey.

  • S01E06 Language of the Heart

    • February 28, 1992

    The murder of a Hispanic youth portends a gang war in South Beach--and is followed by attempts on the life of an autistic witness.

  • S01E07 Tale of the Dragon

    • March 6, 1992

    Bonetti airily dismisses a psychic who "sees" a surfer's murder and also hears Tequila's thoughts until a body in a wet suit is found exactly as predicted.

  • S01E08 Perfect Match

    • March 13, 1992

    A murder investigation leads to a dating agency where there are 4 suspects. Unfortunately, one of them is dating Captain Midnight.

  • S01E09 Fetch This, Pal

    • April 3, 1992

    Commander Rinker, a K-9 expert, is called in to sniff out a bomber and, make no bones about it, he wants Tequila off the force since he considers the dog unworthy.

  • S01E10 Wonderdog

    • April 10, 1992

    Tequila lands an ad contract after saving a baby from a fire, but the security firm he's representing is involved in robberies.

  • S01E11 Brooklyn and the Beast

    • April 17, 1992

    Bonetti faces a lot of bad press from a ratings hungry newsman.

  • S01E12 Mama

    • April 18, 1992

    Rose, Bonetti's mother pays a welcome-if unexpected-visit, but does she have to date Midnight? What's worse, Stefano, the fish merchant she used to date, won't let her off the hook.