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Season 1

  • S01E01 The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage

    • March 31, 1991
    • NBC

    During the 17th century shipping lanes were hounded by the fierce pirate Black Jack Savage.When the english caught up to him they hung him in his own courtyard,at his castle on the small island of st. pietro, in the carribean.Because of his deeds Black Jacks spirit could not be layed to rest until he had saved 100 lives- not to difficult you might think except every time he tries to venture forth into the world to save lives he is chased by ghost bounty hunters if you will called snarks.if caught these snarks will deposite him in hell for all time. In the 20th century a buissnessman / author Barry Tarberry has run into some problems with the law- before the government can freeze his assets Barry manages to to gain immunity by paying the crooked governor of St Pietro to harbor him. When on St Pietro he buys Blackbird Castle - he gets it for a steal because it is supposedly haunted.Low and Behold - it is!! After coming to grips with his spectre - he makes a deal to help him try to

  • S01E02 A Pirate Story

    • April 5, 1991
    • NBC

    Bud and Christy Lawton are vacationing on their boat off the coast of St pietro when it is attacked by modern day pirates - wanting to steal boat parts they shoot the couple - leaving unbeknown to them, the Lawtons infant daughter alive and on board .The ship is left to sink. Black Jack Savage gets a visit from the Lawtons(spirits can communicate) and they want him to get Barry to Help them rescue their daughter. 92 lives to go......

  • S01E03 A Day in the Life of Logan Murphy

    • April 12, 1991
    • NBC

    Hancock the previous owner of Blackbird Castle escapes from jail and comes after Logan. Barry tries to warn him but Logan thinks hes trying to trick him. In the meantime Barry tries to set up a deal with the FBI to gain a pardon from the U.S. government - in the end Barry saves Logan but loses his deal - 91 Lives to go...

  • S01E04 Deals are Made to Be Broken

    • April 19, 1991
    • NBC

    Barrys ex wife Marla reappears and so does an imposter playing Black jack Savages ghost. Marla is out to get Barry in exchange for leiniencies on her own federal crimes. somewhere in the mix she finds she ahs a heart and tries to help Barry save a village from the ""ghost of Black Jack Savage"" - 90 lives to go

  • S01E05 Look for the Union Label

    • May 12, 1991
    • NBC

    Barry tries to help save a villiage being plagued by evil doers, located deep in the interior of the rainforest - he and Danielle must travel by boat to reach it - on the journey there they are captured by the very people they want to help. All ends peacfully - 89 lives to go

  • S01E06 The Not-So-Great Dictator

    • May 19, 1991
    • NBC

    When a neighboring islands Dictator comes to the island all war breaks loose and its General Vasquez whos life is in danger - as this new powerful enemy tries to take over the island and Blackbird castle - It takes alot for Barry to save him but in the end he and Black Jack get the last laugh.... 88 lives to go

  • S01E07 For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls

    • May 26, 1991
    • NBC

    A young couple Charlie and Connie arrive on the island to perform their nuptuals - pressure from Charlies dad prompts him to ask for a prenupt - his fiancee disagrees - kicks him out - and calls the wedding off. Charlie winds up at Balckbird Castle determined to kill himself. Barry playes psychiatrist unaware that Charlies dad is a mafia leader - 87 lives to go as this great series had the plug pulled on it.Hopefully they are still saving lives today.