Beth informs Storm of Helen's explanation of why Stephen left them. Storm thinks the idea is absurd and Stephen had no right to walk out on a wife and four children. Eric is excited about his new collection but notices that Ridge is distracted. Ridge says that he has no win Caroline back, but Eric advises him to keep his distance and give her some space. Stephanie later meets with Eric and seeks his opinion on throwing a party to cheer the family up due to their woes lately. Eric suggests hiring a catering service to do the food. Caroline heads into town to find herself a job, but just gets rejected from every interview due to her lack of experience. Tired, she goes home and is surprised to find Thorne there waiting for her. Thorne is annoyed when roses are delivered to Caroline's door from Ridge.

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  • Episode Number 32
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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, May 5, 1987
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