CJ tells Raymond of his and Amber's plan for her to give birth at her mother's home. Raymond decides he should be there, but CJ stops him. Raymond fears how Tawny will react when she learns that the baby may be his. Tawny apologises to Amber for her bad childhood, but adds that she never wanted Amber to turn out the same way. Amber snaps that her life is different to her mother's, explaining about the Forrester family, Tawny is suddenly intrigued by their wealth, until Amber ruins the moment by informing her that the baby may not be her husband's. Brooke tells Ridge that she can't make it to dinner, but changes her mind when Ridge says that she needs to find a way to be friends with Taylor. Later, Pierce and Brooke wait at the Café Russe as Ridge and Taylor arrive. Brooke tries to duck out when she feels uncomfortable, but includes herself in the toast that Ridge makes about new beginnings for them all.

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