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The Professionals

From Showtime: When a stalker throws a brick through Chris' window, his record company insists he hire a bodyguard at their expense. He's reluctant at first, but eventually he picks Brock Rudman, an intimidating and eminently qualified personal security expert. Brock cramps Chris' style and scares off his friends – Lisa Loeb is visibly disappointed, thinking Chris has succumbed to the worst temptations of being a celebrity – but that's not the only problem. It seams the hired muscle has a broken heart and it falls to Chris to find a way to heal it. Meanwhile, Anson is swept up in the paranoia and, since the record company won't pay for a bodyguard, he arms himself with a stun gun. And Yola, desperate to look her best for a Billboard magazine ""Women in Music"" feature, has a very bad hair day when she gets tangled in a romantic triangle with her favorite stylists, Maurice and Bridget.

Name Type Role
Joe Bosso Writer
Ben Cardinal Guest Star
James Sanders Guest Star
Peter Kent Guest Star
Ingrid Tesch Guest Star
Chiara Zanni Guest Star
Adam Henderson Guest Star
Tae Ishibashi-Helgeth Guest Star
Diane Brown Guest Star
Lisa Loeb Guest Star
Catherine Zak Guest Star
Ron Oliver Director