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Drew's Stomachache

Kate and Drew prepare to go on their first date. He begins to experience severe stomach pains, which he assumes are the result of stress over Steve and Mimi's upcoming wedding. The pains grow so severe that he has to go to the hospital, and the doctor agrees that the cause is psychological. Kate discovers that Drew feels fine when the wedding is discussed, but cannot handle any mention of their date. She is crushed, and suggests that they back off for a while because she doesn't want to see him in pain. Lewis gives Drew some extra-strong pain pills from DrugCo. He dreams that he has a conversation with his stomach, who tells him that he is subconsciously making himself sick to avoid dating Kate because he is afraid of screwing up the relationship. He advises Drew to just relax. Drew goes to Kate's apartment the next morning. He kisses her and jubilantly announces that he doesn't feel like throwing up. Meanwhile, Mimi and Steve have an interview with her priest as one of the f

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Name Type Role
Apryl Huntzinger Writer
Max Wright Guest Star
Terry Rhoads Guest Star
Eddie Money Guest Star
Larry Milburn Guest Star
Gerry Cohen Director