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D&B, Inc.

CAPSULE: A high-tech bounty hunting corporation moves into the Los Angeles market and their vast resources threaten to turn the ""old-timers"" like Dottie and Brandi into dinosaurs. SPOILER ALERT! Key plot details revealed! Dottie and Brandi have a skip staked out, but just as they are moving in for the collar several cars come screeching on the scene disgorging men in black suits and a camera crew. The men efficiently take the fugitive into custody and tell Dottie and Brandi that they are from Krill & Associates, a professional bounty hunting corporation. The Thorsons go to Ricky who explains to them that Krill is a corporation who takes over ailing businesses and are now looking to corner the L.A. bail enforcement market with their new high-tech approach. As a favor, Ricky gives the women a lead on Don Alonzini, a well-known psychic who has skipped bail on his partner Sidney Julius, leaving him in danger of losing a $500,000 house. Dottie and Brandi check out some high-tech equipment f

Name Type Role
Jack Bernstein Writer
Janice Davies Guest Star
Rock Reiser Guest Star
Christina Haag Guest Star
Michelle Duffy Guest Star
Linda Grasso Guest Star
James Geralden Guest Star
Zachary Throne Guest Star
Mark Chaet Guest Star
Andy Milder Guest Star
Toshi Toda Guest Star
Dwayne Macopson Guest Star
Lisa K. Wyatt Guest Star
Scott White Director