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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • NBC

    After a six-week training course in private investigation, former security guard Vic Nardozza thinks he's ready to be a full-fledged detective. With his unconventional and unnerving approach, Vic checks out corporate tycoon Charles Woodland, suspected of using drugs. When Vic gets sidetracked in pursuit of his favorite candy bar, new agent Stacey Devers tries to keep things running smoothly. Fellow sleuth Kevin Blakeley, a recovering Peeping Tom, knows his weakness will be tested when he is assigned to expose an insurance scam on a tropical island where a beauty contest will also be held.

  • S01E02 Mr. Irresistible

    • October 24, 2000
    • NBC

    When a client suspects his fiancée is cheating on him, he hires bumbling novice detective Vic Nardozza to investigate. But Mitch, the handsome man Vic normally uses to bait women, refuses the case. Vic decides he's sexy enough to handle the assignment himself and works out vigorously at the gym to help entice his target. However, his weakened condition only allows his date to seduce him. When Vic gives his client the bad news, carefully omitting his own participation, the enraged man mistakenly attacks Mitch, believing him to be the lover. Later, when Mitch discovers Vic's indiscretion, he retaliates by pushing Vic out of a window. Meanwhile, voyeuristic fellow sleuth Kevin Blakeley believes that Jack's irritability is a sign that the crusty veteran detective is on the verge of a stroke.

  • S01E03 Simplification

    • October 31, 2000
    • NBC

    Vic accidentally joins a self-help class that launches him on a quest to simplify his cluttered life--a theory he applies to his current case of industrial espionage. But Vic's enthusiasm to reduce his client's files to a stack of note cards merely enables a helpful file clerk to steal the company's valuable software secrets. Vic pursues and captures the clerk, who surrenders himself to the simplicity of prison life. Meanwhile, depressed after conducting a failed seminar on investigations, Brady loses the company payroll at the racetrack. He then assigns each of his detectives to a horse, announcing that the losing horse will determine which of the employees will be terminated. When Kevin's horse comes in last, he seeks revenge and discovers that the race was rigged. Brady hears the outcome and restores Kevin's job at the agency.

  • S01E04 Discrimination

    • November 14, 2000
    • NBC

    An attractive attorney hires Vic to investigate job discrimination at a local diner. But when Vic enlists Kevin to pose as the applicant, the young detective, feeling unappreciated at work, accepts a job offer and promptly quits McKay Investigative Service. Stacey poses as a lesbian to solve the discrimination case, while Vic tries to return Kevin to the agency in time to join the beautiful lawyer on her planned exotic vacation.

  • S01E05 The Identity Loan

    • November 21, 2000
    • NBC

    Outraged when his credit card number and identity are stolen, Vic goes undercover as a mailman in order to find the culprit. When he discovers that the impostor is actually a decent guy who has merely borrowed his identification, Vic finds a way to make the situation work for both of them. Meanwhile, Stacey poses as a forklift operator to investigate employee theft at an electronics store but her new manager is a former high school classmate (who could jeopardize her cover. And Kevin encounters a rabidly racist dog owned by Brady's ex-wife.

  • S01E06 The Nursing Home

    • November 28, 2000
    • NBC

    When Vic suspects that his elderly Aunt Flossie's jewelry is being stolen from her nursing home, he plants hidden cameras to try and catch the thief. But after three days, he has no leads in the case and comes up with a new plan to go undercover as a senior citizen. Brady believes that this would make a good story for ""Extra,"" a television newsmagazine, as well as give the detective agency owner an opportunity to become a Hollywood celebrity by hosting the show. Meanwhile, Jack tries to buy a life insurance policy but is rejected because of his age.

  • S01E07 It's Only Personal

    • December 5, 2000
    • NBC

    After Vic collects enough incriminating evidence to ruin philandering fight promoter Marcus, he is roughed up by a vengeful Teal – prompting Vic to declare all-out war because ""Now it's personal."" Vic asks Stacey to get Teal's stripper girlfriend Laurel Canyons to sign a release allowing him to use a surveillance video that would send his enemy to prison, but Stacey is distracted by sexy male stripper Prince Charles

  • S01E08 USA Toy

    • December 12, 2000
    • NBC

    Vic's nickname ""The Chameleon"" is tested when he goes undercover in a sweatshop staffed by elderly female Chinese immigrants to discover which employees have been stealing the toys. As he's on the verge of solving the case, he suffers pangs of guilt when he learns why they've been pilfering. Meanwhile, Kevin enjoys dating a beautiful Chinese-American woman, Ming, but gets unnerved with her persistent questions about what their children might look like.

  • S01E09 The Consultant

    • December 19, 2000
    • NBC

    Vic is hired as a technical consultant by a television detective series and impresses the producers with his creative abilities. Unfortunately, the titillating story he tells is based on Brady's real-life experience with his ex-wife, and since it was told in confidence, Vic must squash the story before it can be filmed. Meanwhile, vengeance-seeking Brady assigns Kevin and Stacey to investigate his former wife's new fiancé, but the two sleuths are more interested in their own mutual romantic attraction.