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Season 1

  • S01E01 Killeroo

    • May 18, 2004
    • BBC Three

    Bob Fossil sets up a highly illegal and shady kangaroo boxing match between the Killeroo and Howard. Howard thinks that by winning the fight he will impress the Head of Reptiles, Mrs Gideon. Vince enlists his uncle, a bare-knuckle fighter with a very strange accent, to help with Howard's training.

  • S01E02 Mutants

    • May 18, 2004
    • BBC Three

    All is not well at the Zoo-niverse. Animals are disappearing one by one. Things go from bad to worse when Joey Moose, one of the zookeepers, goes missing. When Mrs Gideon reports that her python is also on the missing list, Howard is determined to save the day. Howard and Vince stumble across Dixon Bainbridge's secret laboratory and the terrible truth behind his ‘experiments' comes to light.

  • S01E03 Bollo

    • May 25, 2004
    • BBC Three

    Bollo, the eldest and most respected gorilla at the Zoo-niverse is gravely ill. Bob Fossil persuades Howard to dress in an ape suit, replacing Bollo, so that he can continue accepting sponsorship money for the gorilla. Everything's going smoothly until the Grim Reaper arrives and mistakenly takes Howard to Ape Hell instead. Vince sets off to rescue Howard and they run into trouble when they encounter the Ape of Death who is plagued with problem hair.

  • S01E04 Tundra

    • June 1, 2004
    • BBC Three

    In an attempt to compete with daring adventurer Dixon Bainbridge, Howard and Vince set off in search of the Egg of Mantumbi - with the assistance of Gary Numan. Into the whiteness, the nothingness of the Arctic Tundra, the boys come face to face with hideous ice demon Black Frost. Luckily, Vince has befriended a polar bear.

  • S01E05 Jungle

    • June 8, 2004
    • BBC Three

    Dixon Bainbridge, owner of the Zoo-niverse, is intent on selling to the highest bidder. There's a road being built through it and ‘if the animals won't work on it, they'll be underneath it'. Howard and Vince embark on an arduous trip deep into the Jungle Room, in search of the only man they think can help save the zoo - Howard's hero, Tommy Nookah.

  • S01E06 Charlie

    • June 15, 2004
    • BBC Three

    Howard is hell bent on a career as a serious writer in the hope that he'll improve his chances with Mrs Gideon. However, when famous publisher Hamilton Cork arrives at the Zoo-Niverse, he decides to publish Vince's literary efforts about a pink bubblegum character called Charlie. Meanwhile, Bob Fossil has embarked on a new breeding programme for the pandas.

  • S01E07 Electro

    • June 22, 2004
    • BBC Three

    Vince is convinced that The Human League invented music. According to Vince, Howard's past career as a jazz trumpeter does not measure up. When Vince is offered a chance to join a new band, ‘Kraftwork Orange' with Johnny Two Hats and the Electro Girls, he's intent on leaving everything behind, including Howard.

  • S01E08 Hitcher

    • June 29, 2004
    • BBC Three

    After Ivan the bear becomes angry and escapes from his cage, Fossil arranges a place for Ivan at an Animal Offenders Institute. All Howard and Vince have to do is get there and back, in one piece, without falling foul of the Hitcher.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Call of the Yeti

    • July 25, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Howard takes Vince, Naboo and Bollo on a weekend holiday to a cabin in the woods, owned by a yokel, Kodiak Jack. Naboo and Bollo, bored by the prospect of a lecture from Howard, go shopping, leaving Vince with Howard. Kodiak Jack arrives, taking a liking to Vince, and informing Howard, who is having delusions of grandeur about being a photographer, of the Yeti. Howard sets out to photograph the Yeti, leaving Vince with Kodiak Jack. While shopping, Naboo learns of the Yeti's breeding night, as Vince fends off Kodiak Jack's advances. Meanwhile, Howard is captured and brainwashed by the Yeti. Vince, Naboo, and Bollo set out to save Howard, and also end up brainwashed by the Yeti. As they are all about to be raped, they are saved by Kodiak Jack, who is then instead raped. They fled back to the cabin, pursued by the Queen Yeti, who is eventually defeated after stepping on Vince's bulging suitcase, catapulting her through the roof. Howard, Vince, Naboo, and Bollo then return to Dalston.

  • S02E02 The Priest & the Beast

    • August 2, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Howard and Vince are up late, struggling to find a new musical direction in order to get signed the next morning by Pie Face Records. To inspire them, Naboo tells them the story of Rudy van Disarzio and Spider Dijon; the Bongo Brothers, who form the band Rudi & Spider. Rudi and Spider wander the desert in search of inspiration; looking for the New Sound. After an argument, Spider leaves with the intention of drumming for Carlos Santana, becoming temporarily distracted by a town populated only by women. Rudi soon happens upon the town, meeting and bonding with an inhabitant of the town called Monkey, who tells him of a bandit called Betamax, who regularly terrorises the town. Rudi and Spider reconvene, the latter then earns himself a Door of Cuckundu by refusing tickets to Santana in Rio from Rudi, and together go to face Betamax. Spider eventually defeats him by rewinding him with his Door of Cuckundu. Rudi & Spider then showcase their newly found sound; found inside their own minds. This is of no help to Howard and Vince, whom Naboo gives Lucozade, telling them it is a magic potion to help their performance.

  • S02E03 Nanageddon

    • August 9, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Vince offers Howard the chance to spend the night with two goth girls, Anthrax and Ebola, under the agreement that he dresses like a goth. It transpires Vince drunkenly bragged to the girls that he was a Warlock, stealing Naboo's book of black magic. Vince then inadvertently summons Nanatoo; the most evil demon known to man. The goth girls depart in disgust, distracting Howard and Vince from Nanatoo, who steals the book of black magic and also departs. Naboo and Bollo return, and immediately suss that Howard and Vince have summoned a demon. Naboo warns Howard and Vince of the imminence of Nanageddon, and is then summoned to the Board of Shaman who decide to remove his shaman powers, and send Saboo and Tony Harrison to retrieve the book of black magic, which neither succeed in doing; due mainly to arguing. Meanwhile, Howard and Vince retrieve the book from Nanatoo at the bingo, and flee back to the flat, pursued by Nanatoo and her army of Nanas. Naboo reverses the spell, causing Nanatoo to dissapear. The next day, a gothic Naboo and Bollo accompany the goth girls out, leaving Howard and Vince disgruntled.

  • S02E04 Fountain of Youth

    • August 16, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Howard has an age crisis after being heckled at a gig of he and Vince's. After hearing from Bollo about the Fountain of Youth on Naboo's home planet Xooberon, Howard and Vince steal his amulet and travel there, where they wander the Desert of Nightmares and meet the Xooberon Tribe. Back at the flat, Naboo finds out about Howard and Vince stealing his amulet, and is annoyed that he has to save them. The Xooberon Tribe notice Vince has the amulet and make him their leader, and Howard his slave. Meanwhile, The Hitcher overviews these events, planning to steal the amulet for himself. Vince's status as the Chosen One is tested when a beast named Sandstorm threatens the Xooberon Tribe; Vince befriends him by gifting him with gloves which he uses to masturbate. Howard is tricked into stealing the amulet by The Hitcher, who knocks Howard out and leaves. He awakens with Vince, buried up to their necks in sand; a punishment from the Xooberon Tribe for loosing the amulet. Naboo and Bollo arrive, and accompany Vince and Howard to the Fountain of Youth, hindered by an evil tree; whom Vince summons Sandstorm to disposes of. Naboo then flushes the toilet of the Fountain of Youth, liquefying The Hitcher. The King who first gave Naboo the amulet and sent him to earth arrives and congratulates Naboo. On the way back to earth, Howard and Vince consume Youth Juice, which reverts them to babies.

  • S02E05 The Legend of Old Gregg

    • August 23, 2005
    • BBC Three

    After a bad gig, Howard and Vince travel to a village in Scotland called Black Lake to take a break. At the pub, they get the idea of going fishing; which Vince seems instantly proficient in. Vince soon leaves a disgruntled Howard to fish himself. Vince returns to the pub, where he learns about Old Gregg. Howard then inadvertently catches Old Gregg, who shows him his mangina, and takes him to his underwater cave. Vince phones Naboo to help him rescue Howard, which Naboo grudgingly agrees to do. Howard awakens, and has a short conversation with Old Gregg, ending in them performing a song together. While having a meal with Old Gregg, Howard learns of his possession of The Funk. While Old Gregg is preoccupied, Vince, Naboo and Bollo arrive in a submarine, and rescue Howard, who steals The Funk from Old Gregg. They use it to perform to the pub, singing a song about having the funk. They then leave, planning to bring the funk back to London. Old Gregg is shown to be riding atop their van; exposing his mangina.

  • S02E06 The Nightmare of Milky Joe

    • August 30, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Howard and Vince plan to travel to America to perform on the Pie Face Showcase. Due to Howard's fear of flying, they travel by boat, but are thrown overboard and stranded on a desert island for Vince's giving the captain a haircut whilst he slept. Howard's condition quickly deteriorates due to lack of nourishment, so they decide to eat coconuts. Howard begins keeping a journal, and Vince fashions bamboo drainpipes. Howard and Vince begin arguing, and separate to build huts: Vince's elaborate and complicated, compared to Howard's board on a stick. Howard fashions a male companion out of a coconut, calling it Milky Joe. Howard eventually builds a proper hut with the help of Milky Joe. Vince then fashions a female companion out of a coconut called Ruby. This makes Howard jealous, who fashions a wig for Milky Joe and temporarily calls her Jemima. Howard then sings a song about isolation. Vince then fashions another female companion out of a coconut called Precious Lilywhite. This agitates Howard further; he eventually persuades Vince to invite him to dinner with Precious and Ruby. Howard eventually ends up with Precious who turns out to be physically abusive. While Vince has a party on the beach, Howard accidentally kills Precious. The coconuts begin moving of their own accord; coconut police begin chasing them, they are caught and sent to coconut court, where they are found guilty of murder, and used as attractions in a coconut shie. At this point, Howard and Vince are splashed with water by a sailor, which awakens them from their rancid coconut-induced nightmare. They return home to watch the televised version of the Pie Face Showcase; headlined by Milky Joe and the Coconuts.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Eels

    • November 15, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Naboo and Bollo go away to Dennis the Head Shaman’s stag party, leaving Howard and Vince in charge of Nabootique. The two challenge one another to a sales contest, each trying to sell their latest fads; Elbow Patches and The Indie Celebrity Radar, respectively. Later, while Vince is out to tag Pete Neon for his Celebradar, Howard is paid a visit by The Hitcher, who frightens Howard with eels into a protection racket. Howard proceeds to prostitute himself to a transvestite called Eleanor for the required €1,000, but when the Hitcher comes to collect the money, he decides to kill Vince and Howard anyway. Before being able to do so, he is shot by Eleanor. The Hitcher awakens, having been saved by the Survival Elbow Patch he had stolen from Howard earlier. Feeling dejected, he turns to leave, before being stopped by Vince and Howard, who convince him to perform a song about eels with them in the New Rave style.

  • S03E02 Journey to the Centre of the Punk

    • November 22, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Howard acquires a rare Jazz record ("Voodoo Scat" by Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson) which Vince, now a punk, bites in to, submitting to peer pressure from his new punk bandmates. It transpires that "Voodoo Scat" was made with a drop of Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson's blood, infecting Vince's blood stream with a corruptive rogue Jazz cell, causing him to embarrass his bandmates by scat singing at their gig in the Velvet Onion, which causes a riot. Vince is rushed back to the Nabootique, delirious, as the Jazz cell begins killing his cells. To save him, Naboo shrinks Howard and his blind friend Lester Corncrake down to microscopic size and injects them into Vince’s body to kill the invasive cell. Howard eventually succeeds in reaching the brain, where the Jazz cell begins to chase him. Howard and Lester catch it, and regrow to normal size. The Jazz cell is now also normal size, but is defeated by Lester, whom stabs him with Sid Vicious' safety pin, causing him to run away crying.

  • S03E03 The Power of the Crimp

    • November 29, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Vince arrives at work late, depressed and distraught that a copycat named Lance Dior is stealing his style. Howard attempts to cheer him up by showing him Gary Numan and by telling him its what's inside that counts. Howard quickly abandons this philosophy when he has his style stolen by Lance Dior's partner, Harold Boom, who together become The Flighty Zeus. As The Flighty Zeus become increasingly more popular, The Mighty Boosh become increasingly dejected, feeling the Zeus are always one step ahead of them. The Boosh almost give up, before having the idea of premiering their music invention, crimping, at a gig at The Velvet Onion. They arrive to find The Flighty Zeus plagiarising an earlier crimp of theirs. The Boosh challenge the Zeus to a crimp-off, eventually winning by way of a four-way crimp, involving Howard, Vince, Naboo, and Bollo. This is only the episode to date where a character has referred to Vince and Howard as "The Boosh." After their performance at the Velvet Onion, Bob Fossil states "The Boosh have really lost it."

  • S03E04 The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox

    • December 6, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Howard departs to a jazzercise class, leaving Vince to sort out the towering pile of bin bags in the back yard of the Nabootique. Whilst doing so, Vince meets an urban crack addict fox named The Crack Fox, whom he invites into the Nabootique. The Crack Fox then knocks Vince unconscious, and steals Naboo's powerful Shaman juice. Vince lies to Naboo, saying it is Howard who is responsible. Naboo then fires Howard, and is imprisoned by the Board of Shaman to be executed. Vince eventually decides to attempt to save Naboo, meeting Howard, who has taken up his old bin man job again, on the way. Howard and Vince descend to the sewers, discovering the Crack Fox, who has taken some Shaman Juice and wields supernatural power. Howard and Vince recover the Shaman Juice, and are chased through the sewers by the Crack Fox, who is eventually crushed to death by a bin lorry, which is waiting for him at the sewer exit. Howard and Vince then rescue Naboo, and the Board of Shaman celebrate by taking drugs.

  • S03E05 Party

    • December 13, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Vince decides to throw a party in the flat in celebration of Howard's birthday, inviting all his friends, who are seemingly unaware of Howard or the reason for the party, a fact made obvious when his speech is met with a stony silence, and Vince's late and extravagant entrance is met with cheers and clapping. After a short game of spin the bottle downstairs in the Nabootique, which is broken up by Naboo, the wife of Dennis the Head Shaman propositions Vince in the stock room. Dennis soon discovers this and proceeds to vow execution upon Vince. Vince meets Howard, who is sitting on the roof. Dennis then catches up with Vince, who pretends to be in love with Howard by kissing him, which Dennis accepts, and departs. Howard and Vince then fall off the roof and on to Vince's present for Howard: a bouncy castle.

  • S03E06 The Chokes

    • December 20, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Vince goes to great lengths to attempt to fit in to a pair of drainpipe trousers, in order to join The Black Tubes, whom have a strict thin-legs policy and are headlining a night at The Velvet Onion, which Vince is also MCing. Howard takes an acting lesson with aged actor Montgomery Flange, in order to cure him of the Chokes; an intense form of stage fright, and to outdo Sammy the Crab in a bid to impress director Jurgen Haabermaaster, who is in the audience on the night at The Velvet Onion. Sammy the Crab proceeds to run amok, after having alcohol and food poured into his tank by the Black Tubes, killing several support acts. Vince phones Howard, who stuns everyone - including Jurgen - with his impressive acting. Vince eventually gets his drainpipes on, at the price of having an exaggeratedly large head, causing him to fall over and thus ruining the gig. It later transpires that Sammy The Crab has replaced him as the frontman of The Black Tubes. Howard returns from working with Jurgen Haabermaaster, dissatisfied with the work he was offered (playing the Angry Crab Of Trapped Wind in a trapped wind commercial), much to the amusement of Naboo, Bollo and Vince.