The Re-Inventors

Since the first patent was issued over 500 years ago, inventors from around the world have been trying to build the next big thing. But for every brilliant creation, there are thousands that never get off the drawing board. This series proves that not all failed inventions are failures. Re-Inventors Matt Hunter and Jeremy MacPherson dig up original patent designs to build and test inventions from the past like the Gun Helmet, the Head Parachute and the Suitcase Suit. Some designs crash and burn, but others actually prove brilliant when given a chance. Whitehorse-born Macpherson is an amateur historian and special effects artist who has worked on films like X-Men and Chicago.Toronto's Hunter is a skilled carpenter and backyard inventor. Armed with blow torches and history books, they journey through the strange and entertaining world of invention, proving human beings will try to build just about anything.

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