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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Big Inboard

    • March 26, 1991

    The men at the lodge build a huge outboard motor out of a V8 engine. Red demonstrates the belt sander. Harold discusses sex education and Bill teaches canoeing.

  • S01E02 The Elvis Sighting

    • April 2, 1991

    Elvis is sighted near Possum Lake. Red shows a youngster how to run a model airplane. A visit with Doug Franklin and his monster truck. Bill toboggans on garbage containers.

  • S01E03 The UFO

    • April 9, 1991

    The men claim to have seen a UFO. Red refinishes a chair with a bunch of hairdryers. Bill uses jumper cables to build a campfire.

  • S01E04 The Treasure Hunt

    • April 16, 1991

    The men go on a treasure hunt. Red build a beer cooler out of a toilet tank. Bill demonstrates snow-shoeing. Hap Shaughnessy stretches the truth about his rubber farm.

  • S01E05 Practical Joke Week

    • April 23, 1991

    It's practical joke week at the lodge. Red builds an elevator out of a garage door opener. Ranger Gord falls in love with a log. Bill shows you how to make your own fishing gear.

  • S01E06 Home Barber Kit

    • May 4, 1991

    One of the men gets a home barber kit and gives everybody a haircut. Red puts eight extra headlights on his car. Jimmy McVeigh plans to spend the night in the boat he’s rebuilding. Bill fools around with a snow blower.

  • S01E07 He-Man Contest

    • May 11, 1991

    The lodge has a He-Man contest. Red turns a stove into a reclining chair. Hap Shaughnessy describes his days as a bush pilot. Bill makes an igloo.

  • S01E08 Guest Elephant

    • May 18, 1991

    Red has an unpleasant experience with an elephant. Bill demonstrates paddling techniques. Red builds a jet powered car. Tips on buying a used car - kick everything.

  • S01E09 Exotic Dancer

    • May 25, 1991

    Moose goes to see an exotic dancer. Red builds a portable phone. Doug shows the engine on his monster truck. Bill tries parachuting.

  • S01E10 Lost Toupee

    • June 2, 1991

    Old man Sedgwick loses his rug. Red makes an adjustable bed of a ping pong table. Bill demonstrates ways to keep the bugs away. Red drops in on lonely ranger Gord.

  • S01E11 Talent Show

    • June 9, 1991

    The lodge has a talent show. Red fixes his VCR. Bill shows us some tricks when erecting a tent. Red gives basketball tips to a youngster.

  • S01E12 Problem Outhouse

    • June 16, 1991

    Trouble with the lodge outhouse. Red checks his lawn mower and finds out the engine is seized. Hap describes his days on the railroad. Bill demonstrates knife throwing.

  • S01E13 Whittling Contest

    • June 23, 1991

    The Lodge has a whittling contest. Red demonstrates how to put on a spare tire with duct tape. Glen is unable to fix the outboard. Bill tires water skiing.

  • S01E14 Wind-Powered Boat

    • June 30, 1991

    The men build a wind powered boat. Red changes a headlight with a wrecking bar. Hap claims to have worked on a tiger ranch. Bill gets in trouble with a metal detector.

  • S01E15 Hot Water Bottle

    • July 6, 1991

    Everybody tries to blow up a hot water bottle. Red makes a coffin out of a freezer. Glen gets Red to clean his RV. Bill demonstrates archery.

  • S01E16 Lodge Visitor

    • July 13, 1991

    There’s a bear inside the lodge. Red makes a basketball net out of a crinoline. The natural resources guy is testing water on the golf course. Bill goes snorkeling.

  • S01E17 Gun Powder Shakes

    • July 20, 1991

    Somehow gun powder ends up in the salt and pepper shakers. Doug Franklin describes how the ladies go for his monster truck. Red shows how to do your own body work. Bill messes around with slingshots.

  • S01E18 Safety Week

    • July 27, 1991

    It’s safety week at the lodge. Jimmy builds a boat prop out of a ceiling fan. Red fixes his toaster. Bill explains the subtleties of fire safety.

  • S01E19 Bad Chili

    • August 4, 1991

    A running shoe turns up in the lodge chili. Red installs a window air conditioner in the Possum van. There’s no mail. Bill takes Red orienteering.

  • S01E20 Water Tower

    • August 11, 1991

    The men build a water tower. Red comments on free love. Bill has trouble trolling. Red makes his own gull wing doors for a ‘78 Ford Granada.

  • S01E21 Jet-Ski

    • August 18, 1991

    Somebody on Possum Lake has a Jet ski. Red shows how you can substitute tools. Hap has an unbelievable ice-fishing experience. Bill goes international in demonstrating the Bolos.

  • S01E22 New Well

    • August 25, 1991

    The men try to dig a new well. Red tries to winch a canoe into a trailer. Dougie changes the oil in his monster truck. Bill reveals the various methods of trapping and snaring.

  • S01E23 Canoe Jousting

    • September 1, 1991

    The men have a canoe jousting contest. Red turns a car into a gardening centre. Harold questions his uncle on the rules of etiquette. Bill demonstrates how to find water.

  • S01E24 Water Slide

    • September 8, 1991

    The men build a water slide. Red shows how you can fix your own windshield. Dougie loses his license. Bill demonstrates different ways to signal for help.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Running Of The Bulls

    • March 26, 1997

    The gang at Possum Lodge stage a Running of the Bulls with the usual disastrous results. Red builds a Hummer out of 2 Hyundai Ponys on Handyman Corner and Bill and Red go camping on Adventures with Bill.

Season 8

  • S08E01 Harold's Leaving

    • March 26, 1998

    Harold ruins everything by going off to college. Red builds a fishing boat out of furnace ducts. Bill gets a trout in his pants and Ranger Gord describes his numerous lightening encounters.

  • S08E02 House Moving

    • March 26, 1998

    Red and the guys try to move an old building by balancing it on pick up trucks. Bill discovers a correlation between ladders and gravity. Red turns a Cadillac into a backhoe. Special Guest - Graham Greene.

  • S08E03 Neither Rain Nor Sleet

    • March 26, 1998

    Red starts his own postal system. Bill demos the rifle range. Red makes a heart pacemaker out of a digital clock. Mike Hammer shares a trick for high school reunions.

  • S08E04 The Cult Visit

    • March 26, 1998

    The lodge is visited by a strange cult from the planet Gorgon. Red builds a riding mower out of a Pontiac and a ceiling fan. Bill tries roller blade street hockey. Special Guest - Gordon Pinsent.

  • S08E05 College Life

    • March 26, 1998

    Harold goes off to college where he shares an apartment with three girls. Red makes a doggie ride out of a car door. Bill has chain saw problems. Special Guests - Peter Keleghan, Albert Schultz, Gordon Pinsent

  • S08E06 The New Monument

    • March 26, 1998

    The lodge inherits an old army tank and gets it running. Red shows you how to teenproof your car. Bill tries axe throwing. Special Guests - Boyd Banks, Gordon Pinsent, Paul Gross

  • S08E07 Free Apricots

    • March 26, 1998

    A tractor-trailer flips over and the lodge members get an unlimited supply of apricots. Red makes a really high car jack. Bill goes rock climbing. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Bob Bainborough, Peter Keleghan

  • S08E08 The Mayor Race

    • March 26, 1998

    Red runs for mayor of Possum Lake. Red tries to run the lodge electrical system from a car cigarette lighter. Bill goes backpacking with a shopping cart. Special Guests - Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Boyd Banks, Jerry Schaeffer.

  • S08E09 Better To Give Than Receive

    • March 26, 1998

    Possum Lodge has a blood donor competition with Caribou Lodge. Red turns a garage and a dishwasher into a home car wash. Bill tries to collect wild honey. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Peter Keleghan, Graham Greene

  • S08E10 Town Services Contract

    • March 26, 1998

    Possum Lodge gets the contract to supply tow truck, snow plow and ambulance service to Possum Lake. Red turns a car into an exercise machine. Bill tries to plant a garden over the Trans Canada pipeline. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Bob Bainborough, Peter Keleghan

  • S08E11 It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas

    • March 26, 1998

    It’s that time of year again: Christmas. When you spend money you don’t have—to buy family members you don’t like—gifts they don’t need. But then, that’s where garage sales come from. So this year, do something different. Spend the holidays with us at Possum Lodge! It’s really the ideal place for an old-fashioned Christmas. I make a one horse open sleigh out of a K-car, Bill demonstrates the wrong way to cut down your own Christmas tree, and The Experts answer the age-old question, "Is there a Santa Claus?" Plus, Hap describes how he invented Christmas lights, Edgar decorates the tree using a howitzer, Harold and I do the Possum Lodge version of "The Night Before Christmas," and much more. This video is more jam-packed than you’ll be after Christmas dinner. Happy holidays and have a laugh or two on us! Red Green.

  • S08E12 Life Cycle

    • March 26, 1998

    Red in the possum van competes with Harold on a bicycle for distance covered on a ten-dollar budget. Red shares his recipe for fire engine chili. Bill, Red and Harold have a tug of war. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Peter Keleghan

  • S08E13 Mad About You

    • March 26, 1998

    Harold teaches Red about anger management. Red shows us how to re-cane a chair with garden hose. Bill tries a mountain bike. Special Guests - Bob Bainborough, Jeff Lumby, Peter Keleghan

  • S08E14 Bingo Was His Name

    • March 26, 1998

    Red has the lodge declared a religion to allow bingo games. Red shows us how to customize a car. Bill dabbles in archeology. Special Guests - Peter Keleghan, Jerry Schaeffer, Paul Gross

Season 10

  • S10E01 A Very Merry Red Green Christmas

    • December 17, 1999

    Harold returns to Possum Lodge to spend Christmas with Red and the other members.

  • S10E02 Sausage Envy

    • January 1, 2000

    The boys do their wurst for the Possum Lake Sausage Carnival. Red meets with the network programmer - an 18 year-old woman played by Stephanie Beard of Toronto's KISS FM. Red makes popcorn in a clothes dryer, converts a hot water tank into a snowmobile, and uses his dog to wash his car. George Buza plays the lazy owner of the Port Asbestos Marina. Dalton locks the keys in his car and has to blow the doors off to get them.

  • S10E03 Foster Child

    • January 1, 2000

    Red learns that the Lodge has a foster child who's coming to spend the weekend with him. Red demonstrates a fun way to take out the garbage and builds a revolving restaurant out of a dining tent. Ranger Gord presents an educational cartoon on cloud factories. Also featured is a biography of the first man in the Possum Lake area to put zippers into men's pants.

  • S10E04 What A Dump

    • January 1, 2000

    The Lodge proposes itself to the city of Toronto as an ideal place to dump garbage. Red makes an extremely elaborate automated firewood chopper. He also demonstrates how to use a manhole cover as a spare tire and how to deter unwanted visitors. The Adventure film is an attempt at roof repair. Ranger Gord has a gang of tree huggers chained to trees and he doesn't want them to ever leave.

  • S10E05 Winston's Wedding

    • January 1, 2000

    Winston needs Red's help in planning his wedding - he has everything except the bride. Dalton tries to sneak a new boat home without telling his wife. Red and Walter have a melon tossing contest. Red demonstrates easy ways to exercise and keep your windshield clean. He also makes a stretch limo out of two mini-vans and a pick-up truck.

  • S10E06 Man Of The Year

    • January 1, 2000

    The guys at the Lodge nominate a man who doesn't exist, as Possum Lake's Man Of The Year, hoping to win a new fishing boat. Dalton gets home late and tries to fool his wife. Ranger Gord's animated film is all about rainbows. Red has a solution for irritating phone calls. He also make house awnings out of car hoods and turns a mini-van into a riverboat paddlewheeler.

  • S10E07 Survivor

    • January 1, 2000

    A toxic cloud in the area forces Red to stay locked in the Lodge for a few days. Also Red makes a woodshop out of a truck. The men have fun rolling down a hill inside oil drums. Red demonstrates an easy way to exercise your dog and how you can use a belt sander to bring you drinks. Red meets with a network executive who wants Red to add profanity and violence to the show. Ranger Gord plays the word game - the word is 'stool'.

  • S10E08 Historic Site

    • January 1, 2000

    Red and Mike try to save the Lodge by having it declared a historical site. Red demonstrates how to get two cars into a one-car garage. Red makes a hedge trimmer our of a weed whacker on roller blades. Winston and Walter have a homerun contest. Red brings personal ads to show Ranger Gord. Red installs a coffee maker into the Possum van.

  • S10E09 Twinning

    • January 1, 2000

    Possum Lodge twins with the state of Iowa. Red stays back to host the 500 visiting Americans. Ranger Gord presents an animated film about aliens. Red converts his old hockey equipment into fishing gear. He also demonstrates how to use small airplanes to remove tree stumps. The Possum Lake Funeral Director has tips on giving a eulogy when you don't know the deceased.

  • S10E10 Lunar Eclipse

    • January 1, 2000

    The men try to recapture their youth by watching a lunar eclipse together, just like they did thirty-five years ago. Red converts the Possum van into an airboat. Dalton decides to use the Drive-In Theater as a golf driving range. The men do a featured biography on Walt Gorgovich - Possum Lake's Daredevil. Red demonstrates how to use a gas siphon hose to keep yourself cool and how to use a cel phone as a massager.

  • S10E11 Barter Starter

    • January 1, 2000

    Red, Dalton and Winston trade somewhat valuable items to each other for the weekend but it doesn't work out so well for Dalton. Red and Walter use a giant electo-magnet to find lost car keys. Red makes an outside elevator out of a phone booth and a hot water heater. Red also demonstrates how to convert the junk on your lawn into a miniature village. Local marina operator finds a lazy way to change the name of Red's boat.

  • S10E12 Out Of The Woods

    • January 1, 2000

    Red and Ed trap a large animal roaming the woods at night. Red demonstrates a carefree way to travel by using wear-on luggage. Ranger Gord presents an animated feature about signs on the forest. Red uses a car exhaust system to make a caliope. Winston does a couple of promotional messages for his septic suckiing business. Red makes automatic space ship doors using windshield wipers and shower curtains.

  • S10E13 Cheap Jeep

    • January 1, 2000

    In one of his favorite magazines (Archie Comics), Red finds an advertisement for an army jeep on sale for seventy-five dollars. He orders it and it arrives in 15 cases of parts. The instructions are billingual: Spanish and German. Red decides to build it using his own instincts, much to Winston's anxiety. During construction, Red finds trouble with the steering and the brakes, and after "beatin' the living daylights outta all the linkage pieces", he discovers why: It's a JDF (Jamaican Defense Force), and in Jamaica they drive on the left side of the road.

  • S10E14 DNA All The Way

    • January 1, 2000

    A land-owner's death prompts the residents of Possum Lodge to take DNA tests to see who was his offspring.

  • S10E15 Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy

    • January 1, 2000

    Dalton represents the Lodge as a contestant on a tv trivia game show. Red shows how you can be in your own tourist photos without asking a stranger to take the picture. Red turns a van into a sports car using duct tape and paint. Ranger Gord has an animated film about defending yourself against a sasquatch. Ed Frid hypnotizes a chicken and Red puts a rotary antenna on his car to improve his radio reception.

  • S10E16 The Beaver Dam

    • January 1, 2000

    Possum Lake is rising because the beavers have built a dam across the river running out of it. Red uses the van exhaust to inflate children's toys. Dalton tries to sneak out of the house to go fishing. Red visits Ranger Gord just as he comes out of hibernation. Walter and Ed help Red install a satellite dish at the Lodge. Red uses empty duct tape rolls to make a beer cellar instead of a wine cellar.

  • S10E17 The Dandruff Foundation

    • January 1, 2000

    The men find a charity for the Lodge to affiliate with as way of avoiding taxes and receiving government grants. Red makes a device that automatically clears snow from your driveway. Ed Frid brings in a bucket of leeches. Red makes a fireworks display out of screen doors and a high voltage transformer. The men have a brief tennis competition. Edgar Montrose is the featured guest on Up Close and Personal.

  • S10E18 Damn You Emu

    • January 1, 2000

    Dalton has started a business raising emus and persuades Red to help him.

  • S10E19 No Duct Tape

    • January 1, 2000

    Everyone panics when the Lodge runs out of duct tape and the local hardware store is back-ordered. Red uses a frozen turkey as a toboggan return. Ranger Gord gets struck by lightning. Ed Frid enlists Red's help to catch his pet ground hog. Red uses gumball machines to dispense nuts and bolts. Ed Frid is the featured guest on Up Close and Personal.

Season 11

  • S11E01 New Job In Town

    • October 12, 2001

    Patrick McKenna returns to The Red Green Show. When the town of Possum Lake decides to hire a professional Public Relations person to promote the area, everyone at the Lodge applies for the job and are shocked to find out that Harold is the successful candidate, instantly making him the most successful Lodge member in history. In other segments of this episode, Red makes a trailer with no wheels and an automatic dog wash. Walter's rototiller gets away from him.

  • S11E02 Gladiator

    • October 19, 2001

    The Town of Possum Lake is staging a live version of the movie Gladiator with Dalton Humphrey (Bob Bainborough) in the lead role. Meanwhile Red demonstrates how to change a flat tire without stopping and how to fish with a musket. Mike builds a sailboat that runs on land. Harold drops in to advise a married viewer who has fallen hopelessly in love with Queen Elizabeth.

  • S11E03 The Whooping Crane

    • October 26, 2001

    A whooping crane builds its nest and lays an egg in the chimney of Possum Lodge. Red demonstrates a creative way to go tobogganing in the summer. Harold gives advice on how to tell a fellow employee that they have a body odour problem. Ranger Gord presents his first animated feature of the season and Red shows you how to seal your driveway with paint roller blades. This week's adventure features Road Hockey.

  • S11E04 Back To Nature

    • November 2, 2001

    As part of his new job, Harold rents out the Lodge to what he thinks are a group of Senior Executives from a naturalist organization, but who are actually just old nudists. Red shows how you can attach an automotive supercharger to the human body. In the adventure film, Mike has borrowed a police car and has it stuck on a dirt pile. Ranger Gord writes a love letter to Susan Serandon. Red finds a useful purpose for accordions.

  • S11E05 Dalton's Hot Gift

    • November 9, 2001

    Mike gets Dalton a new barbecue for his birthday. Red believes Mike stole it form Dalton's store. Red demonstrates an economical way to make an automatic garage door opener. This week's adventure has Winston getting rid of a beehive. In the word game, Harold tries to get Red to say 'celibate'. Nervous Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings a fox to show the audience. Red shows us how to use a golf club to clean up our yards.

  • S11E06 Viva Las Possums

    • November 16, 2001

    Harold stages a 50's weekend at Possum Lake, culminating in an Elvis Impersonation contest. Red makes a wood chipper out of a clothes dryer. The adventure features a pit stop during the Possum Lake Car Rally. Marina Owner Dwight Cardiff extols the virtues of skydiving. In the word game, nervous Animal Control Officer Ed Frid tries to get the word 'confidence'. Red shows you an easy way to check the map while you're driving.

  • S11E07 Y2 Cans

    • November 23, 2001

    To raise money, the men decide to sell rusty unlabelled food cans left over from the Y2K scare. Red demonstrates how to use a toilet plunger to build a riding lawnmower. Winston and Walter have a parasailing adventure. Ranger Gord is on strike with unspecified demands. Other Handyman Tips - how to add wipers to your side and rear windows, and how to make your own automatic door opener.

  • S11E08 The Ghost Of Possum Lodge

    • November 30, 2001

    Mike discovers a ghost in the Lodge and then gets Red to help him catch it. Red uses an arc welder to protect his van from parking lot dents. In this episode's adventure, Dalton uses a jet engine to vacuum the grounds behind the Lodge. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings fox on to the show. Other Handyman Tips - Red demonstrates how to use an adjustable cane to enhance airplane travel, and the concept of filling your tires with jelly instead of air.

  • S11E09 The Chainsaw Races

    • December 7, 2001

    Trouble at the Lodge when Red tries to stage the chainsaw races on the same weekend that Harold is hosting gifted children. Red strikes back at teens with loud car radios by turning a van into a giant portable boom box. Dalton, Winston and Walter have a frightening adventure when a nail gun goes out of control. Lazy marina owner Dwight Cardiff talks about why he likes skydiving. Other Handyman Tips - how to paint a room with a lawn sprinkler and how to recycle windshield washer fluid.

  • S11E10 Something In The Heir

    • December 14, 2001

    Winston tries to adopt a child to carry on the family septic sucking business. Red turns a car into a castle, complete with turret. Mike and Walter turn a basketball competition into an adventure. Dalton finds out that surfing the internet leaves a trail. Other Handyman Tips - using a toy train to vacuum a rug, and a quick clean-up idea for bachelors who eat alone.

  • S11E11 Daredevil

    • December 14, 2001

    When Psycho Ernie backs out of his attempt to jump over the Lodge on a motorcycle, Mike volunteers to take his place. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings in a snapping turtle to show the audience. Red makes a portable garden in the box of a pick-up truck. The adventure film is all about what can go wrong during a badminton game. Ranger Gord presents an animated film about forestry work called Lumberjack Gord.

  • S11E12 Mike Goes Straight

    • December 14, 2001

    As part of his rehabilitation, Mike volunteers as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Red turns a treadmill into a moving sidewalk. Dalton has an accident while playing paintball. Walter and Red try to knock down a shed. Winston needs to fix a flattened mailbox. Red demonstrates a cheap way to make a wall-hanging television.

  • S11E13 Xmas In July

    • December 14, 2001

    Harold stages a summer Christmas as a tourist attraction for Possum Lake. Red uses a car engine to make an automatic sprinkler system. Walter and Winston help Red replace the tire in the Lodge tire swing. Red vacuums with a toy train and also has a plan to eliminate the need for snow tires. Mike deals with a moral conflict when finding a wallet with money in it

  • S11E14 The Fishing Derby

    • December 14, 2001

    Harold tags a prize fish and releases it in Possum Lake. The catcher will receive a thousand dollars. Red turns a lawnmower into a coffee maker. Ranger Gord uses Red to demonstrate his ability to do magic tricks. Red and Mike try curling with cars. Red shows you how to keep warm in a cold room and how to get snow off your roof without shovelling.

  • S11E15 Masquerade Marathon

    • December 14, 2001

    Mike uses the Possum Lake Masquerade Picnic to help him hide from a bad guy. Red puts hot peppers in the bird feeder to help the birds stay warm. Red also converts a car into a barbecue. The men try to break the world record for toboggan downhill racing. Ranger Gord presents an animated feature called 'Ranger Doolittle'. Red makes a huge ballpoint pen to draw traffic lines on the road.

  • S11E16 Harold's Dilemma

    • December 14, 2001

    Harold's Public Relations Department has a five thousand dollar shortfall. He decides to solve it by doing a massive renovation to the Lodge to make it more appealing to tourists. Red lines his jacket with toaster elements to stay warm. Red and Mike use a car remote to find their way out of the woods. Red fills his tires with jelly to eliminate flats, and makes a simple engine for his canoe out of PVC pips and Bromo Seltzer.

  • S11E17 Red Green Does New Year's

    • January 25, 2002

    Red, Harold and the rest of the Possum Lodge crew celebrate New Year's Eve, with special emphasis on different lodge members' New Year's resolutions.