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Rear Closet

Told as a flashback, Steven was just doing what he normally does-in this case it's acting out a musical based on ""The Grapes of Wrath"" with grapes and a toy car. He has to find some of his missing recepits for his tax return, but complications ensue when the eccentric new neighbors keep asking to borrow things from Steven, including a Bowie knife and rat poison. Steven thinks someone is going to be killed so he asks Chuck to investigate. A police officer stops by to assure Steven that no murder has taken place, and noticing Steven's musical instruments, begins to sing opera with Steven accompanying her. But Steven is still uncertain. In the end, it proves to be a complete misunderstanding on Steven's part. To fill time at the end of the episode, Steven stares out at the audience until Mr, Pfeiffer yells, ""Banks, stop staring at the audience!""