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Miss Janie Regrets

Steven is watching public television as he serves himself some cold cereal (while imitating Julia Child). It is revealed that he is infatuated with children's TV star Miss Janie Hathaway, and before long Pepper is too. When Miss Janie announces a drawing contest where the winner gets to have breakfast with her, Steven and Pepper enter, claiming Steven is the uncle of a boy whose mother recently died. They win, and Steven gets prepared for a romantic meal. However, when Miss Janie arrives, she proves not to be as sweet as she seems, and she suspects Steven just brought her over to further an acting career. She has him help her an audition for a soap opera, which calls for her to kiss him passionately. She also invites him to her one-woman show, ""I, Karen: The Beat Did Not Go On"", an avant-garde musical about Karen Carpenter playing at the Justine Bateman playhouse. Steven attends the show, which he finds so boring that he drifts to sleep and dreams himself starring in a one-man show abo

  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Network PBS