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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Queen's Birthday Present

    • November 13, 1995
    • BBC One

    It is the tenth anniversary of Fowler and Dawkins' relationship, but Fowler manages to forget, being instead more concerned with the Queen's Official Birthday.

  • S01E02 Fire and Terror

    • November 20, 1995
    • BBC One

    Habib falls for a fireman named Gary, much to Goody's jealousy, while Fowler finds himself pestered frequently by a man who claims to have committed impossible, solved or extremely historical crimes, much to DI Grim's amusement, until a terrorist begins making threats that cause Special Branch to become involved.

  • S01E03 Honey Trap

    • November 27, 1995
    • BBC One

    After Fowler drunkenly admits to having kissed Habib during a pub quiz match, Dawkins begins to suspect the two of having an affair behind her back when Grim enlists Fowler and Habib's help in catching a criminal via entrapment.

  • S01E04 Rag Week

    • December 4, 1995
    • BBC One

    It's Rag Week in Gasforth, and Fowler and his men are frequently disturbed by teenagers in scary masks – that is until a bank robbery by three men in rag masks occurs while Dawkins is there, leaving it uncertain whether or not the robbery is genuine.

  • S01E05 Night Shift

    • December 11, 1995
    • BBC One

    Pestered by his ex-wife, Fowler reluctantly agrees to let his son Bill stay with him and Dawkins for a fortnight. When Dawkins overhears Bill making love to his girlfriend in the bedroom, she becomes envious and attempts to talk Fowler into going to see a sex therapist. Guest appearance by Sheila Gish.

  • S01E06 Kids Today

    • December 18, 1995
    • BBC One

    Fowler and Grim clash over their views of handling juvenile troublemakers so they decide to take them on a retreat. Further tension arises when Goody punches a teenage skinhead for racially abusing Habib and is subsequently charged for assault.

  • S01E07 Yuletide Spirit

    • December 26, 1995
    • BBC One

    Goody buys Fowler a puncture repair kit and Habib some lingerie, but accidentally gives them the wrong presents, and matters are made more complicated when Dawkins believes the lingerie is a gift for her from Fowler.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Court in the Act

    • November 14, 1996
    • BBC One

    Grim and Boyle enlist the help of Fowler and his officers to search the home of a suspected drug-dealer, and Goody finds the drugs in the kitchen. But the too-obvious location, Boyle's discretion and Grim's uncomfortableness lead Fowler to believe something is going on behind the arrest.

  • S02E02 Ism Ism Ism

    • November 21, 1996
    • BBC One

    Dawkins discovers circumstantial evidence of a domestically abused wife, Grim applies to join the Todgers, and Mayoress Christabel Wickham informs Fowler of the presence of an illegal immigrant in Gasforth. Fowler apparently solves the crimes, but soon realises that they seemed a little too easy.

  • S02E03 Fly on the Wall

    • November 28, 1996
    • BBC One

    Fowler receives a letter from the BBC, who then come and make a fly on the wall documentary about Gasforth Police Station. Unfortunately, Grim convinces the officers, sans Fowler, that they are all going to become international television stars, prompting them all to undergo many changes to look "nice for the telly" and end up making fools of themselves in front of the cameramen until a farmer enters the station with a gun.

  • S02E04 Alternative Culture

    • December 5, 1996
    • BBC One

    Constable Habib finds her younger sister holding drugs during a drug raid in a rave club, and hides the drugs to protect her, but she is discovered and charged for withholding evidence. Fowler, unhappy with the injustice, does his best to protect Habib.

  • S02E05 Come on You Blues

    • December 12, 1996
    • BBC One

    Gasforth Football Club is about to play Premiership team Chelsea, and Mayoress Wickham orders Fowler and his officers to personally see to it that nothing goes wrong in exchange for her recommending him for an MBE. However, things get complicated when the football players get up to no good.

  • S02E06 Road Rage

    • December 19, 1996
    • BBC One

    Sergeant Dawkins leaves for a break with some nature-loving activists, but during this time, they get into a feud with the police for their extreme methods, forcing Dawkins to choose between their arrogant leader, Stallion, or Fowler.

  • S02E07 The Green Eyed Monster

    • December 23, 1996
    • BBC One

    Inspector Fowler proposes to Sergeant Dawkins so as to help his chances for promotion, but his lack of sensitivity during the proposal prompts her to leave him instead. Fowler tries to find a new woman, but loses his interest when he hears that Dawkins is now with someone called "Toby."