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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • September 23, 1976
    • CBS

    Emmy winner Tony Randall portrays widower Walter Franklin, a somewhat less-than-magisterial Philadelphia judge put upon by an assortment of family and courtroom recidivists. In this pilot-opener, Walter copes with a bad case of nerves as he preens for his first date with a widow, Linda Jenkins, in almost two years.

  • S01E02 Case: A Question Of Qualifications

    • September 30, 1976
    • CBS

    Walter finds that hiring a new clerk can be a trying experience. Judge Franklin interviews an odd-lot assortment of law-clerk applicants, and surprise everyone with his final choice. Judge Walter Franklin must weigh the scales of justice off the bench when he interviews for a new law clerk and the applicants include his court reporter, Jack Terwilliger, an aggressive young man, and a beautiful girl with excellent qualifications.

  • S01E03 Case: His Honor Vs. Her Honor

    • October 7, 1976
    • CBS

    The Honorable Judge Franklin becomes infatuated when he meets another Judge, Eleanor Hooper, and they try to find some privacy together by meeting in Atlantic City. Walter courts the female judge who's anything but turned off by his romantic naivete.

  • S01E04 Case: The Ego Affair

    • October 14, 1978
    • CBS

    After delivering a rousingly well-received speech, Walter (Tony Randall) is inundated with public-speaking requests that send his ego sailing. Judge Walter Franklin gets too big for his judicial robe when he accepts too many speaking engagements and starts believing his own publicity

  • S01E05 Case: Franklin vs. Reubner And Reubner

    • October 21, 1976
    • CBS

    Ashamed of getting tight at her birthday party, Miss Reubner (Allyn Ann McLerie) resigns. Judge Walter Franklin finds out that his tone-faced, sharp-tongued secretary, Miss Reubner, has another side to her personality when he asks her to his home to celebrate her birthday with his family.

  • S01E06 Case: The Snow White Affair

    • October 28, 1976
    • CBS

    After Walter (Tony Randall) upholds a local theater's right to show a pornographic film, he forbids his 18-year-old daughter to see it.

  • S01E07 Case: Terwilliger vs. Himself

    • November 11, 1976
    • CBS

    When Jack's normally ultra-accurate court reports deteriorate, Walter (Tony Randall) investigates his friend's problem.

  • S01E08 Case: The Denecki Debacle

    • November 18, 1976
    • CBS

    Judge Franklin gets more than he bargained for on the bench when he replaces another jurist and has to deal with an attorney notorious for his devious tactics. Walter does a slow burn over the bullying tactics of a defense attorney in an arson case.

  • S01E09 Case: Mario Strikes Again

    • December 2, 1976
    • CBS

    Walter flares over his temporary assistant's penchant for courtroom histrionics. He loses his cool in the courtroom when a new law clerk keeps interrupting him, and the issue of his emotional sickness is taken up by the judicial review board.

  • S01E10 Case: Franklin In Love

    • December 16, 1976
    • CBS

    Walter's family thinks his engagement to Judge Hooper (Diana Muldaur) is premature.

  • S01E11 Case: O' Come All Ye Wastrels

    • December 23, 1976
    • CBS

    Feeling Christmas spirit, Walter takes a colorful but incorrigible thief into his home. Believing there's no place like home for the holidays, Judge Franklin brings home a convicted criminal to spend the Christmas holidays with his family - and the judge gets more than he bargained for.

  • S01E12 Case: Money Vs. Stature

    • December 30, 1976
    • CBS

    Walter is tempted by a friend's offer of a law partnership.

  • S01E13 Case: The Hooper Affair

    • January 6, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter's romance with Judge Hooper (Diana Muldaur) is threatened by the arrival of a college buddy who once dated her. Judge Franklin makes a common error and introduces his girl, Judge Eleanor Hooper, to his old pal, a famous trial attorney. And they only have eyes for each other. She doesn't even know he's in the same room. Franklin tries to forget her by dating another woman, a former classmate.

  • S01E14 Case: Democracy Vs. Tyranny

    • January 13, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter's housekeeper and children simultaneously defy his control. Walter's household rebels: Bobby wants an apartment, Brad refuses to change schools, and Mrs. McClellan buys a cat. Judge Franklin is charged with three counts of first degree tyranny by his children and housekeeper. Judge Franklin is perturbed when his children, Bobby and Oliver, seek his housekeeper's advice instead of his.

  • S01E15 Case: Whatever Happened To Mary Jane?

    • January 20, 1977
    • CBS

    Mario Lanza (Zane Lasky) charges Walter with possession when a bag of marijuana turns up in the judge's desk. Judge Franklin's eagerness to help his loyal friend and court reporter, jack, backfires when an overzealous city attorney, Lanza, busts the judge on a marijuana charge.

  • S01E16 Case: McClellan Vs. Immigration

    • January 27, 1977
    • CBS

    or a change, its not the judge who is in trouble. His housekeeper, Mrs. McClellan, discovers her visa has been invalidated and she could be deported. But she come up with a plan to avoid deportation. To prevent deportation to her native England, Mrs. McClellan (Rachel Roberts) advertises for a husband, and a motley crew of prospects show up.

  • S01E17 Case: May Vs December

    • February 3, 1977
    • CBS

    After reprimanding Bobby (Devon Scott) for dating an older man, Walter (Tony Randall) finds himself attracted to a younger woman. Judge Franklin loudly protests his daughter's dating a much older man, and then the tables are turned. He starts to date, secretly, his son Oliver's teacher, a very pretty, but also very young, woman.

  • S01E18 Case: The Lawndale Report

    • February 10, 1977
    • CBS

    social Activist persuades Walter (Tony Randall) to write an expose of prison conditions from behind bars. From a beach at Acapulco to a minimum security prison is quite a contrast for Judge Franklin, who sought the former for two weeks but has to settle for the latter instead. He got the assignment as part of a judicial investigation on the institution's conditions.

  • S01E19 Case: Violence Vs Finesse (aka Case: The Hero Syndrome)

    • February 17, 1977
    • CBS

    Judge Franklin's son Oliver cuts school and learns a lesson in this episode when he comes to his father's courtroom to see his hero, "Wild Doug" Mclntire, the toughest hockey player in the league to testify. Then the boy tries to emulate his hero's hockey style. That's where the lesson comes in.

  • S01E20 Case: Franklin Vs. McClellan

    • February 24, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter's household rises up against him, Brad is not willing to change schools, Bobby expresses her liking to live in an apartment and Mrs. McClellan would love to have a cat.

  • S01E21 Case: Facing Up Vs. Hiding Behind The Drapes

    • March 3, 1977
    • CBS

    Mario (Zane Lasky) becomes Walter's self-appointed bodyguard after the escape of a vengeful convict Walter (Tony Randall) once sent to prison.

  • S01E22 Case: The People Speak

    • March 10, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter runs for Superior Court judge against a former rival. Franklin runs for Superior Court Judge, his opponent dies during the election but too late for his name to be removed from the ballot. Lo and behold, he wins. Franklin is beaten by a dead man.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Franklin vs. the Generation Gap

    • September 24, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter is shocked when Bobby announces she's going to live with her boyfriend Michael (Michael Burns).

  • S02E02 The Prodigal Father Returns

    • October 1, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter's estranged father Wyatt (Hans Conried) visits his son for the first time in five years.

  • S02E03 Walter Screws Up

    • October 8, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter doubts his competence as a judge when he discovers that he convicted an innocent man.

  • S02E04 Dream Maker

    • October 15, 1977
    • CBS

    Mrs. McClellan's nephew, a photographer, enthrals the Franklins with his tales of globe-trotting adventure.

  • S02E05 Skin Game

    • October 22, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter doesn't know how to act around his new clerk, a militant young upper-class black man.

  • S02E06 The Taking of Reubner 1-2-3

    • October 29, 1977
    • CBS

    An escaped convict (Cleavon Little) takes over Walter's chambers with a gun and holds Miss Reubner hostage.

  • S02E07 Civil Disobedience

    • November 5, 1977
    • CBS

    Franklin is forced to rule against an environmental protestor, and when Bobby leads a protest, he jails her for contempt of court.

  • S02E08 New Found Franklin

    • November 12, 1977
    • CBS

    When Eleanor thinks their relationship has become dull, Walter tries to make himself a more well-rounded person by joining clubs.

  • S02E09 Love vs. Excitement

    • November 19, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter fears that Jack will become suicidal after he and his wife separate.

  • S02E10 Franklin vs. Casanova

    • November 26, 1977
    • CBS

    Walter must protect Miss Reubner from the advances of a notorious womanizer (Robert Alda).

  • S02E11 Bobby vs. Michael

    • December 10, 1977
    • CBS

    Franklin reacts unexpectedly after Bobby announces she's tired of living with Michael.

  • S02E12 The Sylvia Needleman Experience

    • December 24, 1977
    • CBS

    A predatory real estate agent (Beverly Garland) tries to get Walter to sell his house.

  • S02E13 Kids' Rights

    • January 7, 1978
    • CBS

    Mario is hopelessly outmatched when he represents a young girl suing for the right to live with her stepmother.

  • S02E14 Bobby and Brian

    • January 14, 1978
    • CBS

    Bobby's new boyfriend (Brian Dennehy) is not only too old for her, but a known gangster.

  • S02E15 I Live to Dance

    • January 21, 1978
    • CBS

    Jack and Miss Reubner enter a ballroom dancing competition.

  • S02E16 Philadelphia Triangle

    • January 28, 1978
    • CBS

    Mario mistakes Eleanor's kindness for love.

  • S02E17 Twice is Not Enough

    • February 4, 1978
    • CBS

    Walter has to choose between Eleanor and Melissa.

  • S02E18 Eyes of the Law

    • February 11, 1978
    • CBS

    Walter begins teaching a night school law course, where the only promising student is a blind woman.

  • S02E19 Phantom of the Poconos

    • February 18, 1978
    • CBS

    Walter inherits a mountain cabin that seems to be haunted.

  • S02E20 Adios, Mr. Chips

    • February 25, 1978
    • CBS

    Walter is proud of his night school class's showing on a test, until it turns out they all cheated.

  • S02E21 The Way it Was

    • March 11, 1978
    • CBS

    Walter and his employees all have different memories of his first day as a judge.

  • S02E22 Wyatt Loves Bonnie

    • March 18, 1978
    • CBS

    Walter discovers that his father is in love with Mrs. McClellan.