Dr. Stillman arranges to have his human-looking robot signed up as the star pitcher of the Hoboken Zephyrs. The team zooms to fourth place thanks to Casey. After he's beaned by a ball, a doctor discovers Casey has no heart. The rules say nine men make up a team, and without a heart Casey is not a man. Dr. Stillman gives Casey a heart, but he becomes too compassionate to strike out other players. The Zephyrs lose the pennant, and Casey is washed up in baseball. Dr. Stillman gives the coach, Mouth McGarry, Casey's blueprints as a momento. Looking at them, Mcgarry gets a sudden inspiration, and chases after the doctor

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  • Episode Number 35
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Friday, June 17, 1960
  • Production Code 173-3617
  • Directors Robert Parrish, Alvin Ganzer
  • Writers Rod Serling
  • Guest Stars Jack Warden, Robert Sorrells, Abraham Sofaer, Alan Dexter, Don Kelly, Jonathan Hole, Rusty Lane
  • Is Movie
  • IMDB tt0734661
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