After Miè Tiān Hái shows up, he mocks the group then immediately leaves, along with the rest of the Xuán Guǐ Zōng. The group then arrives at the Demon Spine Mountains, and rest a night before heading in. Dān Fěi is up practicing, when Cán Yún shows up and gives her a few pointers, though angering her in the process. She storms off and the group enters the mountains the next day, encountering the Valley of the Dead, the first trial. Xíng Hài is called upon to put the dead to sleep, but fails a few times; Fěi protects the group with her Hù Yìn Shī skills, except for Bù Huàn who has to fight the dead. Hài finally succeeds in singing the correct tune and the group moves on, arriving at the second trial, the Valley of the Doll. A golem guardian stands there motionless, and Bù Huàn activates it, allowing Yún Xiāo to fire at its weak point. Yún Xiāo misses twice, though, so Bù Huàn takes matters into his own hands and climbs the golem, stabbing the charm himself and deactivating the golem. He then falls off, but is saved by Yún Xiāo's arrow, which pierces through his clothing and nails him to the arm of the now-deactivated golem. The group then moves onto the final trial, the Labyrinth of Darkness. Bù Huàn, however, declares his departure before they can continue

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  • Episode Number 7
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  • Originally Aired Friday, August 19, 2016
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  • Directors
  • Writers Gen Urobuchi
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