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Desperately Seeking Heather

Heather complains about being shut out of board meetings. She decides to spend all of her time making passes at Chandler. Jack tries to keep her busy by asking her to co-coordinate a hospital fundraiser. Heather meets a doctor and begins dating him to make Chandler jealous. She checks into a motel and tricks Chandler into believing that she is spending the night with the doctor. He shows up in a rage, only to find that she is alone. He realizes that he has been set up and declares that he wants nothing to do with Heather. As he drives off, Heather chases after him and falls down the stairs. Jenny accuses Laurie and David of having an affair. Jack orders her to check into rehab, and Jenny blames Laurie. Jenny convinces Jack to leave her alone at the center. She runs off to a bar and gets hammered. David and Laurie find her passed out in the hallway outside his apartment. They take care of her, but David confesses to Laurie that he doesn't love Jenny. David and Laurie admit their attract

Name Type Role
Laurie Zerwer Writer
Joe Sagal Guest Star
James Patrick Stuart Guest Star
Bill Jacobson Guest Star
Michael Horton Guest Star
Tanya Garrett Guest Star
Gwen McGee Guest Star
Sue Nelson Guest Star
Timothy Starks Guest Star
Shana Hiatt Guest Star
Michael Stanton Guest Star
Charlie Correll Director