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Not Having Sex

“Sex is like any other addiction. You don’t need it.” Lexy, 20, is asexual. She’s indifferent to sex; sometimes even repulsed by it. Shirley, 58, has been celibate since 2000, and she couldn’t be happier. Who needs a man when you have a vibrator? Caroline, 57, would rather stay in and have a nice cup of coffee. But then there’s 33-year-old Gary, who’s haunted by the sex he’s missing out on. Sarah, a 19-year-old virgin, who wants it, but can’t get it. She blames herself. Chloë, 54, who’s had to learn to make sex irrelevant to her life; she’ll go to her grave wishing she’d had more of it. Sex is everywhere. But not everyone’s getting it.